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#919 fixed If you hup tor while it's hibernating, it rebinds its ports arma

It looks like retry_listeners() and retry_all_listeners() do not care whether we're hibernating. In main.c, retry-all-listeners is only called if

if (!we_are_hibernating() && time_to_check_listeners < now) {

whereas in config.c it does not check if we_are_hibernating. Sounds like that's the place to fix it.

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#920 fixed don't bundle libevent with Tor V-Li


I am the maintainer of Tor in Gentoo Linux and we have an open report in our issues tracker:

The report states that the asynchronous DNS part of libevent is bundled with Tor, which is true (see src/or/evendns.{c,h}). This gives our security team and myself a headache as a security problem found in libevent has to be tracked in all messages that bundle it or just only parts. Please remove that bit and try to bring your modifications upstream to libevent if needed.

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#928 fixed With BridgeRelay 1 and ORPort 0, things go bad arma

A while ago Vidalia set my BridgeRelay to 1 but left my ORPort off. This caused my Tor to make all sorts of weird decisions about what it would contact, what it would fetch, etc. After a while my Tor became useless because it didn't have enough descriptors to make a circuit, and it didn't care to get any more.

We fixed the Vidalia bug (I think), but if a user sets their config this way they will end up sad. We should explore why this is, and tighten up the checks inside Tor.

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