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#29709 fixed install smartd anarcat weasel

find out where to run smartmontools (e.g. bungei) and then install it with puppet

#29707 fixed sbws does not scale consensus bandwidths to bytes before using them teor

In this line, desc_bw is in bytes, but consensus_bandwidth is in kilobytes:

min_bandwidth = min(desc_bw, l.consensus_bandwidth)

Here's how we could avoid bugs like this in future:

  • We should add some unit tests that only work when this bug is fixed
  • We should work out how to check that our test bandwidth scanners are producing numbers that are the right size

Here are some things we might want to do. But they might not be worth the time:

  • all the variables should be labelled with units?
  • all the bandwidths in this file should be in the same units?
  • sbws should work in bytes, until it formats the file?
#29706 fixed Test failure due to memory leaks in shared-random unit tests: long-term fix teor teor

In #29599 we fixed some leaks in the shared-random unit tests. But there are still some test failures.

The shared random state claims to take over ownership of SRVs passed to it using PUT. But it doesn't free them automatically: instead, the caller has to remember to call state_del_current_srv() first. (Or one of its callers.)

The current app code is ok, but the test code doesn't always call the functions in the right order.

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