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#8570 invalid AppCrash_vidalia.exe chiiph 45millions

Hello, i have very often when i close Tor a AppCrash_vidalia.exe In my Windows\WER\ReportQueue folder i have always 5 dokuments when it crashed. a "hdmp" a "mdmp" a "txt" a "wer" and a "xml" file you need a file or all of this to analyse the crash? Or is there another way to i can help the tor team to analyse this?

#8097 user disappeared I think tor is blocked by my internet provider asn 48ine

Sorry, I'm really new to Tor, and proxies/etc. The other day, I downloaded the Tor Bundle for Mac OS X, and it would get stuck at "Establishing an encrypted directory connection". I added bridges, tried the "Firewall only connects to certain ports" option, and even redownloaded to the 64-bit version. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or I am somehow blocked from Tor? Also, I live in Japan. Here is an image of how my message log looks:

#19790 invalid Tor app from iPhone App Store not valid 48rEPLN

I've dl the Tor onion (blue background, white onion icon) & it isn't working the way it was working originally. When I search: it indicates I'm not using Tor. Also, the 3 dots in upper right corner used to info me where I was connected-IP address, city/country. Doesn't do that anymore. I'm dumping the app. Any advice for connecting via ios?

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