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#453 main.c:367 connection_stop_writing defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#1095 Possible Back Door in Tor Reported defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#1105 Proxy-Server refuses connection defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#1179 Error applying Tor settings defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#333 Torrc file cannot be updated in Standard User mode defect High Core Tor/Tor
#376 No buffer space available defect High Core Tor/Tor
#452 libevent call with win32 failed: No buffer space available [WSAENOBUFS ] [10055] defect High Core Tor/Tor
#512 Vidalia Bundle - Vidalia Starts but No Vidalia Tray Icon; Tor Doesn't Start defect High Core Tor/Tor
#715 Vidalia's Uninstaller triggers Microsoft's Error Reporter on Tor! defect High Core Tor/Tor
#717 Vidalia Bundle Uninstaller triggers Microsoft's Error Reporter on Tor! defect High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#740 Restore non-Tor settings fails on Mac OS X, FF 3 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#810 Torbutton holds on to cookies that Firefox would otherwise delete defect High Applications/Torbutton
#832 Torbutton pretends to be using Tor when it is not enhancement High Applications/Torbutton
#868 DNS nameservers not correctly loaded in Windows XP defect High Core Tor/Tor
#985 libevent error - Tor not starting - works! defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1003 Torbuton doesn't work for FF 3.5 on Windows 7 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1012 Torbutton makes tons of preference changed popups defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1049 Some Firefox-Searchbar-Searchplugins are revealing the real "Accept Language" and the "real Browser" defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1063 "Test settings" should detect when proxy is down defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1109 Assertion Failed defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1174 Torbutton displays an exception error message on toggle in FF3.6 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1180 Firefox 3.6.4 similar/same as Id#1165 - verbatum defect High Torbutton-Tor client
#1226 Tor for Mac OSX will not work after install the Security Update 2010-001 defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1239 TLS Error, connection difficulties on MacOS X 10.5.8 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1317 3 unknown, 0 missing key, 3 good, 0 bad, 1 no signature, 4 required Mr defect High Core Tor/Tor
#75 please check age of directory that is downloaded defect Low Tor-Client
#96 assert_cpath_layer_ok nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#146 Tor Spontaneously Closing on Windows XP SP2 (libevent-related?) phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#318 Hibernating disables local socks proxy defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#323 Vidalia causes some InstallShield installers to hang defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#329 do_main_loop() error, no buffer space available, TOR crash defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#370 GETINFO accounting/bytes-left still broken defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#419 begin_dir broken on defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#464 Torbutton 115 issues defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#481 Tor server complains about too less directory information, even if we are a server nickm defect Low 0.2.0.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#485 should catch socket errors defect Low Mixminion-Server
#501 DataDirectory setting still leaves a remnant in the default DataDirectory defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#506 When I restart Firefox, is Torbutton on or off? defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#513 Torbutton 1.1.7.-alfa disables private data clear upon close Firefox defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#515 creation of _tor user broken in latest leopard build phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#570 possible tor exploit defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#576 Tor Node Block (For Malicious Tor Nodes) nickm enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#598 Enable TOR for specific URLs enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#612 tor needs to perform a dir request whenever starting as a server? defect Low 0.2.0.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#633 Tor retries download for unparseable descriptors nickm defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#648 No available nodes after network outage arma defect Low 0.2.0.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#670 Tor Server unable to create a circuit defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#696 WFU not computed right for never-down relay defect Low post 0.2.1.x Core Tor/Tor
#750 Restarting Firefox with Torbutton enabled "doubles" status bar, restarting again unmaximizes window. defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#756 Poor French translation defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#784 unclear error message: crash state conflict defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#817 Cookies exceptions list ignored when using Torbutton defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#818 Protect bridges from local ISP enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#825 "Resize windows to multiples of 50px" option should always resize windows to a smaller dimension defect Low Torbutton-Tor client
#830 Session Restore isn't working under Ff 3.0.3/Tb 1.2.0 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#831 Issues with maximized windows on some platforms defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#833 prefer canonical connections defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#865 Error when Torbutton is not active (Firefox) defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#883 Tor doesn't publish the new IP address when it changes defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#890 TypeError:b.docShell is Null defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#892 Error when opening a new window with Tor enabled in Firefox 3.0.5 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#896 Torbutton overrides Toolbar customizes in iceweasel (debian) defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#899 Tor proxy broken defect Low Torbutton-Tor client
#900 Tor can't detect right IP defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#922 Problem upgrading to Tor stable Version phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#923 Tor software exited unexpectedly defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#934 "Prevent session store from saving Tor loaded tabs" incorrect behaviour defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#938 Outdated localizations defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1046 Torbutton prevents Minefield from loading places defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1051 couldn't find start of hashed material "network-status-version" defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1111 assert on start up of defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1118 fails to compile on osx x86 defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1148 mlockall prevents compile for Android ioerror defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1161 What is this defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1164 Error torbutton 1.2.3 with firefox 3.6 b4 defect Low Torbutton-Tor client
#1189 Torbutton 1.2.3 conflicts with Google Toolbar 7.0.20091216Wb1 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1191 renegotiation bug still present in on OpenBSD 4.6 stable defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1223 Latest OS X security update disables renegotiation defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1233 Bridge History Shows Corrupt Data defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1264 Not functioning in Minefield defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1268 bug in the latest update - windows defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1285 Special Characters on Relay nickname defect Low Applications/Orbot
#1326 Warning from libevent: Epoll DEL on fd 21 failed. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1353 Not Failing Over to Working Authorities defect Low Core Tor/Tor
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