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#1087 Downloading files larger than 2GB fails on systems with 32-bit int loafier defect Low Polipo
#1277 Enabling bridges doesn't force you to enter any n8fr8 defect Low Applications/Orbot
#1165 Error Pop-up Message on Torbutton Enable - Fx 3.6 B3 defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#667 Error loading pages w/FF3b5 defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#479 Errors in defect Low Webpages/Website
#778 Even if US Spoofing is desactivated navigator as an old User Agent defect High Applications/Torbutton
#526 Eventdns.c crash after closing and reopening ORPort nickm defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#27 Exception while cleaning; shutting down thread and traceback nickm defect Low Mixminion-Server
#348 Excessive loggin at warning nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#773 Extension conflict with NoScript if JavaScript disabled (endless loops) defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#929 FAILURE to event_del (ev=0x9376e48) at event.c:806 defect Very High 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#579 Failed to parse/validate config: Configs without ports should be valid defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#797 FastFirstHopPK 0 prevents tunneled directory connections from working. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#277 Fetch networkstatuses scalably defect Low 0.1.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#814 Fetching v0 and v2 rendezvous descriptors in parallel sometimes fails karsten defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1093 Firefox doesn't allow inspecting/continuing on bad cert defect High Applications/Torbutton
#758 Firefox window is tiny when started with http proxy off mikeperry defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#699 First page loaded under Tor, links dont work defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#848 Fix switch_id to properly drop euid/uid/egid/gid defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1033 Foxyproxy Blocking defect High Applications/Torbutton
#259 FreeBSD 6 compiling against incorrect version of OpenSSL nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#674 Functions not scrubbing IP addresses from log entries. defect Very Low Core Tor/Tor
#1018 GEOIP file not found phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1199 German translation: forgotten English string defect Low Webpages/Website
#440 Guard nodes not weighted by bandwidth defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1185 HTTP 204 Triggers Retry Flood/DOS loafier defect Very High Polipo
#743 Handle Reception of RENDEZVOUS_ESTABLISHED and RENDEZVOUS2 cells immediately defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#907 HardwareAccel isn't used defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#51 Header is ugly in Mozilla w/ increased fonts defect Low Webpages/Website
#398 Hidden Services not reachable with DirPort 80 defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#152 Hidden Services resolving issues defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#50 HiddenServiceDir not being parsed correctly nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#174 HiddenServicePort configuration format check nickm enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#607 INFO logging is a bit noisy. defect Low 0.2.0.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#13 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/weasel/mixminion/keys/key_0001/ServerDesc' nickm defect Low Mixminion-Server
#789 Improperly bound listen addresses defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#763 Inaccuracies in Rendezvous Descriptor Upload Logic defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#4 Incorrect node routing with mbox nickm defect Low Mixminion-Client
#1273 Info should mention anonymity problems with ProxySurf enhancement Low Applications/Orbot
#700 Installation error - maybe connected to OSX 10.5.3? phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#902 It appears there is a bug in the intersection of the bandwidthrate and accountingmax defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#702 Java is forced on for NonTor browsing defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#408 Java-Exception when trying to get config with default value nickm defect Low Tor - Tor Control Panel
#2 Key rotation crashes server (sample) nickm defect Very High Mixminion-Server
#857 Latest SVNs will not start - no log messages defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1128 Latex is a build dependency for our tarball? defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#381 Leaking cached_resolve_t defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#748 Limit verbosity of [warn] Failing because we have 991 connections already. Please raise your ulimit defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1295 Line missing in contrib/tor-exit-notice.html defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#8 List of servers has names right justified nickm defect Low Mixminion-Server
#25 Log files in UTC nickm defect Low Mixminion-Client
#1276 Logo half-disappears in landscape mode defect Low Applications/Orbot
#482 MSVC build failed since r10880 nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#552 Mac OS X Tiger Universal Bundle postflight Error phobos defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1137 Mac OS X Tor crash defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#483 Mac OS X connection.c:932 nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#126 MacOS X 10.4 incompatibility Tor v0.1.0.4-rc defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#954 MacOS X installer fails to install Torbutton if Firefox is running defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#581 Make "protected non-Tor cookie jar" default? defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#168 Makefile ROOTARG error defect Low Mixminion-Other
#95 Makefile doesn't use passive FTP defect Low Mixminion-Other
#335 Malformed extendcircuit from a controller can crash Tor defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#36 Man page typo for -F nickm defect Low Mixminion-Client
#80 Max dir size is 500 kilobytes defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1034 Memory Leak When nofile Limit Hit defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#495 Memory leaks in torbutton mikeperry defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1289 Minor omission in control-spec defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#65 Mirroring dir via apache introduces unrecognized x-compress header defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#60 Misleading information on defect Low Webpages/Website
#1279 Misleading message when initialization is finished ioerror defect Low Applications/Orbot
#476 Missing </a> on defect Low Webpages/Website
#367 More STREAM events w/ 0 circ nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#824 More accurate calculation of bandwith limits in past. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1067 More entropy needed on Qemu VM instantiation coderman defect Low Archived/Tor VM
#234 Mysterious crash on and servers defect High Core Tor/Tor
#291 NEWDESC events sometimes include truncated IDs defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#704 Name collusion between Windows and OpenSSL defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1088 Namespacing Globals defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#422 Need to back off better when oldest networkstatus isn't downloading right defect High Core Tor/Tor
#124 Need uninstall directions nickm enhancement Low Webpages/Website
#326 New eventdns error messages w/svn 8289 nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#580 New preferences window doesn't fit in 640x480 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#309 New routerlist.c assert in Tor cvs nickm defect High Core Tor/Tor
#108 No Tor server exists that allows exit nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#342 No connections after start of next interval of AccountingStart? nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#86 No logs in default mac package nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1077 No privoxy in the alpha build enhancement Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#294 Non-existant torrc isn't created when ran as service; gives misleading error as a result. defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#438 Not checking families in all cases defect Low post 0.2.0.x Core Tor/Tor
#888 Notice log flood on directory authority. defect Low 0.2.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#399 OP sometimes does not fetch hidden service descriptor defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#178 OS X Client Crashes on 10.3.7 phobos defect High Core Tor/Tor
#116 OS X package UID is a login user defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#973 OSX uninstall script misses some files phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#946 Old Polipo config causes TorButton to hang (or anything using http proxy) coderman defect Low Archived/Tor VM
#725 Option "Isolate dynamic content" interferes with SpeedDial extension defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#87 Our clock skew allowances differ, leading to problems nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#939 Our socket count is below zero defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#42 Overzealous clock skew checking keeps clients from working tor-bugs defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#522 PDF handling is broken (and dangerous) defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
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