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#625 'SIZE_MAX' undeclared nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#626 Tor v0.2.1.0-alpha-dev r13924, r14010 SIGUSR2+SIGHUP results into invalid free() defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#638 "blocked changed-state history manipulation" after crash mikeperry defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#640 Torbutton interferes with "Clear private data when firefox closes" setting defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#642 debug output: parameters reversed defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#643 tor shouldn't load the config file with --hash-password defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#644 Unchecking "Disable plugins during Tor usage" fails to restore plugins defect Low Torbutton-Torbutton
#646 miscellaneous stream event bugs for DNS requests defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#647 parent.document causes a security exception defect High Applications/Torbutton
#650 Using the .exit notation does not work with trunk (currently r14296) defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#655 using all free CPU time in router_get_by_nickname defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#660 swapped params in call to rep_hist_note_used_port defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#662 wrong size for allocation defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#665 Torbutton should provide a 'locked' mode enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#667 Error loading pages w/FF3b5 defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#673 'Spoof US English Browser' option cannot be turned off defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#674 Functions not scrubbing IP addresses from log entries. defect Very Low Core Tor/Tor
#676 tor- fails to start after log rotation defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#677 block file:// access in TOR only enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#687 Application Crash When BitTorrent Client Launched phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#688 Change on Band inside torrc aren't published on reload arma defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#693 Corrections needed in French translations defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#699 First page loaded under Tor, links dont work defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#700 Installation error - maybe connected to OSX 10.5.3? phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#701 Phish filtering is forced on by turning off Tor defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#702 Java is forced on for NonTor browsing defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#703 Auto-update is forced on when Tor is switched off defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#704 Name collusion between Windows and OpenSSL defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#705 Tor restrictions leak into non-Tor tabs defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#707 Patch: Build failures on BSD nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#708 Show html source does NOT work with torbutton enabled in ff3 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#709 Setting DirPort when acting as bridge will give false Warnings arma defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#710 Torbutton blocks Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#719 Torbutton 1.2.Orc1 disables FireFox 3.0 homepage defect High Applications/Torbutton
#724 Torbutton 1.2.0rc2 (8 Jun 2008) disables (most) links in local .htm files defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#725 Option "Isolate dynamic content" interferes with SpeedDial extension defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#730 Cookie Authenticacation defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#734 Clear history on tor toggle disables torbutton 1.2.0rc4 defect Low Torbutton-Tor client
#735 Can't Disable Torbuttton defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#737 Can't guess own address when using TunneledDirConns nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#739 fr-FR locate needs some fixes defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#742 tor cannot be compiled on recent gcc wth fortify option defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#743 Handle Reception of RENDEZVOUS_ESTABLISHED and RENDEZVOUS2 cells immediately defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#744 entities are defined in locales but not used defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#745 torbutton outputs lot of informations in the console. defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#748 Limit verbosity of [warn] Failing because we have 991 connections already. Please raise your ulimit defect High Core Tor/Tor
#749 TorButton conflicts with GoogleNotebook Add-on defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#751 The Addon 'Fast Dial' wont work defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#753 Switchin off torbutton results in JS Error Message defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#755 Torbutton makes Firefox 3 to identify as Firefox 2 defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#758 Firefox window is tiny when started with http proxy off mikeperry defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#762 Switching off Torbutton results in JS Error Message (not the same as Task #753) defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#763 Inaccuracies in Rendezvous Descriptor Upload Logic defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#765 toggling Torbutton resets "Keep cookies until" defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#767 Rendezvous Descriptor Upload Failures defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#770 Strange hash dissimilarity with TB RC6! defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#773 Extension conflict with NoScript if JavaScript disabled (endless loops) defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#774 Wrong statements about create cells in tor-spec.txt nickm defect Low Webpages/Website
#776 Wrong french translation not in .po files defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#777 Torbutton is become untranslated when Tor is activated whith US Spoofing. defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#778 Even if US Spoofing is desactivated navigator as an old User Agent defect High Applications/Torbutton
#779 Don't cross the exit streams! defect High Core Tor/Tor
#780 Update Torbutton extension description to contain warning defect High Applications/Torbutton
#782 Patch: Open /dev/pf before dropping privileges with TransPort nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#787 <a href="" target="_blank">test</a> doesn't work properly defect High Applications/Torbutton
#796 recently introduced compile error? nickm defect High Applications/Torbutton
#797 FastFirstHopPK 0 prevents tunneled directory connections from working. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#803 assert in routerstatus_format_entry() defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#804 seg fault on r16563 v3 authority defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#806 error during build on ming32 nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#807 Stream status events for reverse resolve requests nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#809 Tor rejects valid bridge addresses nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#811 can't open/start tor due to a bug defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#812 Correction to defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#814 Fetching v0 and v2 rendezvous descriptors in parallel sometimes fails karsten defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#820 Tor left in broken state on startup defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#823 r16621 introduced random stream detaching nickm defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#824 More accurate calculation of bandwith limits in past. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#834 Tab restore does not work with FF 3.0.3 & TB 1.2.0 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#840 Should Hidden Service answer if a wrong 'begin' cell? defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#841 Wrong URL of the Tor IM Browser Bundle for Windows signature file defect Low Webpages/Website
#845 Tor crash on ppc64 with bad descriptors defect High Core Tor/Tor
#848 Fix switch_id to properly drop euid/uid/egid/gid defect High Core Tor/Tor
#849 Dir-spec requires "dir-address" defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#850 Compiler warning on FreeBSD 7.0 defect Very Low Core Tor/Tor
#851 Authorities and clients don't mind expiry of v3 certificates defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#852 Ubuntu Intrepid fresh install - fails to find authority certificate 250A21E163A25851BB574E80DC4E41A defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#853 "w" and "p" lines undocumented in dir-spec defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#854 Reducing an overload if certificates changed. nickm enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#857 Latest SVNs will not start - no log messages defect High Core Tor/Tor
#859 datadirectory locking doesn't work on windows? defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#860 Tor-spec does not specify how clients should manage identity certificates defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#861 tor doesn't release log fd on hup if log failed defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#862 tor segfaults on sparc64 defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#864 patch defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#866 Conflict with Zotero extension defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#867 Tor segfaults when trying to set EntryNodes via control port defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#870 Suddenly can't connect to the Tor network defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#873 compile error - compat.c: In function `tor_lockfile_lock' defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#874 Problem establishing new introduction points after reloading karsten defect Low Core Tor/Tor
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