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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#480 Torbutton 1.1.6alpha doesnt work at all defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#562 Tor Button with Privoxy still shows real IP defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#627 Firefox 3 issue tor-toggle defect Very High Applications/Torbutton
#775 tor crash on libevent error defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#276 assertion crash on OpenBSD defect High Core Tor/Tor
#312 100% CPU Usage defect High Core Tor/Tor
#353 Tor- wont do .onion phobos defect High Core Tor/Tor
#457 Cookies aren't cleared with some option combos mikeperry defect High Applications/Torbutton
#795 Conflict with DownThemAll defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1188 Back button broken on Firefox 3.6 b5 and 1.2.4 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1214 Proxy Server is Refusing Connections defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1234 Exception in Firebug console in FF3.6 Sessionstore defect High Applications/Torbutton
#63 Tor0.0.9.2bug (with firewall ZoneAlarm) defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#73 Issues with Tor server and XP SP2 phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#160 "GETINFO network-status" seems to fail defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#209 Exception breakpoint application error in tor.exe when stopping service defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#242 "closing wedged cpuworker" arma defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#252 doesn't find libevent headers on OpenBSD 3.6 defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#258 Mac OS X Panther mpkg is empty phobos defect Low Webpages/Website
#278 Register multiple hidden services using Tor Controller defect Low 0.1.1.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#282 Tor sometimes fails to start on OSX phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#339 getinfo address doesn't work defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#340 WinXP VC++ Debug Error defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#360 Error from libevent: event_queue_remove: 0xfa5260(fd -1) not on queue 1 defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#374 Startup speed regression with 0.1.2.x? nickm defect Low 0.1.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#388 tor crashes after 6 hours phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#391 RedHat 5.0beta Enterprise phobos defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#407 Unable to mmap new descriptor file defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#414 Dir always C:\program files\tor\ even when other is used phobos defect Low Tor-Other
#500 Allow user-definable proxy settings for "disabled" state enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#508 Startup priority too low defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#551 Torbutton 1.1 Disables Cookie Culler on different profile defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#618 disable_referer still active when tor is off defect Low Torbutton-Torbutton
#636 torbutton removes protected cookie setting on cookie culler defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#712 Tor / TorButton not compatible with Privoxy! defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#721 FF3 & Torbutton do Nothing :( defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#728 computer is too slow? defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#769 Firefox 3 slows defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#816 Tor server endlessly hibernates defect Low post 0.2.1.x Core Tor/Tor
#822 UPNP support enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#931 Socks Options in Torbutton 1.2 missed! defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#942 Torbutton @ babelzilla defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1044 Make it actually work. defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1092 Hidden Service is up after some hours defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1192 Polipo doesn't accept conf. variables from command line defect Low Polipo
#207 Bad error message for arguments on AccountingStart 'day' defect Very Low Core Tor/Tor
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