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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#808 Torbutton Auto Recognize .ONION Extension enhancement Very Low Applications/Torbutton
#998 Torbutton prevents from exporting certificates defect High Applications/Torbutton
#999 automatically activate Tor for specific sites enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#1057 fail: Unmask Screen - XPCNativeWrapper defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#1058 fail: Unmask - Sandbox - XPCNativeWrapper defect Very Low Applications/Torbutton
#1062 Main window disabled/ Firefox does not respond defect Low Applications/Torbutton
#1120 Private Browsing mode enforces Tor switched on enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#1178 buf_shrink_freelists: Assertion (*chp)->next failed; defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#1197 Graceful shutdown doesn't seem so graceful defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1261 Typing cadence enhancement High TorBrowserButton
#1262 Error applying Non-Tor settings in Minefield 3.7a2 defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1265 Remove 'dynamic paramaters' in google.xml mikeperry defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#1293 TorButton should detect if Tor is running enhancement Medium Applications/Torbutton
#1305 Torbutton should provide an "Block all but flash/gnash" option enhancement High Applications/Torbutton
#1306 exit (high-uptime) circ (length 3): cthuluzarborg(open) ... defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1313 Potential thread leak in TorCtl mikeperry defect Low Torctl
#1330 Make Torbutton turn on/off automatically when entering Incognito Mode enhancement High Applications/Torbutton
#1355 Tor doesn't build with warnings when using zlib 1.2.4 defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1375 #1374 defect Low Polipo
#1380 Adding DirListenAddress Abends Tor on HUP defect Low Core Tor/Tor
#1391 Can't see the Network Map defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#1393 Torbutton spontaneously reverts from maximized to unmaximized defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1502 Torbutton prevents GUI customizations in Firefox on Ubuntu defect High Applications/Torbutton
#1504 No directory fetches, also #1374, 1375 defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1521 Changing OrPort to 0 doesn't terminate relaying instantly defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1529 Vidalia on Mac OS X use Proxy to Internet Settings broken defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1579 ETag and If-None-Match header can link multiple requests to the same page mikeperry enhancement Low Applications/Torbutton
#1604 Document in a readme how to get it up and running karsten task Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#1607 Add code that will make it possible to request bridges for a certain country kaner task Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#1608 If we know a certain bridge is blocked in a certain country, don’t give out that bridge to that country task Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#1609 Add code that will give out bridges in a localized way task Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#1621 Cross-site HTTPS links cause errors when TorButton is used with NoScript. mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#1625 INFO log level of vidalia failing to establish a tor circuit on no bridge using Etisalat Nigeria phobos defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1626 Set Advertized Bandwidth enhancement Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1647 Tor is no working in nigeria,it says (routerlist_remove_old_routers) defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1650 Problem with TOR Bundle and Windows7 erinn defect High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#1651 tbb-linux can't go on a fat32 fs because of symlinks erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#1655 Windows 2000 crashes with "The procedure entry point freeaddrinfo could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.DLL." defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1657 Tor not connecting -Nigerian case mikeperry task Very High Core Tor/Tor
#1658 Tor datum with bridges (MTN NIGERIA) defect Medium Applications/Orbot
#1659 Tor datum with proxy (MTN NIGERIA) defect Medium Applications/Orbot
#1665 From my message log defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1670 Allow onion alternate addresses in rulesets pde enhancement Very Low HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#1687 Torbutton extension for Safari and Chrome mikeperry enhancement Medium Applications/Torbutton
#1688 tordnsel 0.0.6 does not compile on GHC6.8. defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#1706 Calculate fraction of bytes spent on answering directory requests Karsten enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#1725 ruleset pde enhancement Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#1803 OSX 10.6.4, Downloads bigger than 30MB stall defect Medium Polipo
#1833 A copy & paste of the message log defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1838 Rotate available bridges over time enhancement Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#1879 torbutton prevents a user from exporting their personal certificates from firefox mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#1913 Do new IP tests on HUP. enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#1978 tor button and firefox 4 beta 6 mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#2008 "Circuit Build Times Network Close" warnings task Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2015 geoip in wrong directory on OSX PowerPC erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2040 Torbutton complaint from Firefox mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#2041 Torbutton complaint from Firefox mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#2042 Tor for Mac OSX PowerPC has geoip in wrong place erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2061 reccuring bugging defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2062 reccuring bugging defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2070 Torbutton alpha symlink dead phobos defect Medium Webpages/Website
#2095 tbb source tarball is empty erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2115 Tor button warning message mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#2119 AVG Security Toolbar installs itself to Firefox. erinn defect High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2128 TBB users can't enable flash even if they choose to erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2130 bug shutting down vidalia defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2142 [Error] Bug: chiiph defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2144 TorCtl Concurrency Bugs mikeperry defect Medium Torctl
#2169 help at youtube erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2187 Spoof Font List mikeperry enhancement High Applications/Torbutton
#2201 Torbutton (incorrectly) prevents reloads. mikeperry defect High TorBrowserButton
#2222 Download process stops - only fraction of file is downloaded defect Low Polipo
#2229 Firefox 4.0b8 mikeperry defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#2281 HTTPS Everywhere breaks StumbleUpon add-on pde defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#2284 Throttle [warn] Error creating network socket: Too many open files in system enhancement Low Core Tor/Tor
#2295 Apparently we break some FasterFox features pde defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#2299 TLS decode error while handshaking with OpenSSL 0.9.8o defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2303 download breaks, traffic still flows somewhere... defect Very High Polipo
#2344 Crash after failing to write to the state file defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2353 Tor Weather should speciy a node's nicnkname when sending emails kaner enhancement Medium Metrics/Tor Weather
#2360 Torbutton context menu has no background in FF4.0b8 on W7 mikeperry defect High Applications/Torbutton
#2367 Torrc parser crashing for long ExitPolicy lists defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2383 Hide the Vidalia Application from the Dock in Mac OS X chiiph enhancement Low Archived/Vidalia
#2390 Improve bandwidth authority file size distribution mikeperry enhancement Medium Core Tor/Torflow
#2404 vidalia-bundle- depends on /usr/local/lib/libevent erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2547 Run TorBrowsers' Tor independently from an installed Tor erinn enhancement Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2548 experimental tbb fails on osx 10.5 erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2561 Context based rule interface enhancement Immediate - Select a component
#2582 Bridge Routers Broken on MAC OSX 10.6.6 defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2586 Compare circuit build timeouts to Torperf completion times karsten task Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#2594 Excito needs a web interface to easily install and configure Tor ioerror enhancement Medium Archived/Torouter
#2604 Record circuit build timeouts enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#2626 Fix consolidate-stats script in Torperf defect Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#2677 Tor asked me to submit this defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2687 Write Python version of filter.R to parse Torperf's new .mergedata format enhancement High Archived/Torperf
#2699 tor not working defect Very High Core Tor/Tor
#2700 tor not working chiiph defect High Archived/Vidalia
#2701 Censors have blocked the Tor directory servers defect High Core Tor/Tor
#2730 Allow tor to be set up as a relay at certain times of day chiiph enhancement Medium Archived/Vidalia
#2741 Clear STS in FF4 mikeperry defect High TorBrowserButton
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