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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5883 Final progress report on project. task Medium Archived/Ooni
#7714 nettests/blocking/ fails if one of the DNS resolver Timeout hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#12904 ooniprobe doesn't work on Gentoo hellais enhancement Medium Archived/Ooni
#14060 Problem with install on Debian Wheezy (XEN-VirtuaMachine) hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#14063 Gentoo unsupported hellais enhancement Medium Archived/Ooni
#14456 Unsupported OS hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#15454 Unable to run ooniprobe against Vodafone mobile broadband (UK) hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#15732 ooniprobe did not run when installing via pip on debian hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#18264 E: Unable to locate package ooniprobe hellais, anadahz defect Very High Archived/Ooni
#10450 Update TBB2 with new Firefox erinn defect Medium Archived/Ponies
#5783 Timeout arg for launching tor broken on windows atagar defect Low Archived/Stem
#6206 logging error of integ tests on Windows reganeet defect Medium Archived/Stem
#7908 Gentoo Packaging atagar task Medium Archived/Stem
#8271 Creation of dynamic and temporary files/directories instead of static files/directories in test modules atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#9804 _set_argv on FreeBSD corrupts the environment atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#14020 menu bar displays chinese wrting atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#14320 Add Tor CLI tool atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#14419 Suggestion to Kill Tor Process before Starting atagar defect Low Archived/Stem
#16229 Teach Stem to understand post-prop220 descriptors atagar enhancement High Archived/Stem
#18671 ExitPolicy doesn't play well with ipv6 atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#18881 speed up is_match() of stem/ atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#21604 add descriptor-id calc functionality atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#26053 controller.signal(stem.Signal.NEWNYM) gives error atagar project Medium Archived/Stem
#26431 Document a threat model for stem.client dmr task Medium Archived/Stem
#26822 Investigate relying on tox's default install capabilities instead of an explicit command atagar task Low Archived/Stem
#27112 Decouple payload processing from pop/unpack + tune abstraction layers dmr enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#27253 Decide: rename Size subclasses to indicate unsigned and bit counts atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#30235 Stem hangs waiting for control port data defect Medium Archived/Stem
#30359 Stem PEP8 compliant atagar enhancement Low Archived/Stem
#31235 Shipping an sqlite database as a part of stem distribution is considered to be a backdoor atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#31306 getinfo circuit-status misses entries atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#8946 Include 1 year term for Free Tier in Tor Cloud description runa enhancement Medium Archived/Tor Cloud
#17527 SSL error in Tor Messenger defect Medium Archived/Tor Messenger
#17580 Add IPC for client so other programs can import/export messages enhancement Medium Archived/Tor Messenger
#18657 Tor Messenger gets disconnected on Twitter defect Medium Archived/Tor Messenger
#18973 Possible authentication bug arlolra defect Very High Archived/Tor Messenger
#21870 Tor Messenger Profile Problem defect Medium Archived/Tor Messenger
#22939 Can't configure my OTR key task High Archived/Tor Messenger
#2805 Reszing Message window crashes Gnome chiiph defect High Archived/Vidalia
#2823 Test button for firewall setting, not just UPnP chiiph enhancement Medium Archived/Vidalia
#3255 Vidalia and Unity (Ubuntu 11.04) tray icon chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#3633 Not showing connections from tor v0.2.2.30-rc chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#3687 Vidalia consumes all available memory on Ubuntu AMD 4x64 chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4284 Vidalia 0.2.15 OS X info.plist Bug chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4811 Bridge Disappear chiiph defect High Archived/Vidalia
#5215 3 Bridges Added But Only 2 Learned Fingerprint On Startup? chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5424 Vidalia refuses to launch OS X 10.7.3 chiiph defect High Archived/Vidalia
#5466 Test Vidalia-0.3.2-rc chiiph task Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6741 Vidalia not-responding after minute of working chiiph defect Very High Archived/Vidalia
#9985 Linux 64-bit Tor Browser Bundle fails every time on Knoppix 64 chiiph defect Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable Archived/Vidalia
#10239 Payment for bridges (and effects this would have) project Very Low Circumvention/BridgeDB
#5158 in iran both obsfproxy and vidalia relays are too slow task Medium Circumvention/Censorship analysis
#8097 I think tor is blocked by my internet provider asn defect Medium Circumvention/Censorship analysis
#29855 TOR was blocked by my company. dcf defect Medium Circumvention/Censorship analysis
#13793 obfs4proxy causes issues on Windows with certain AV products. asn defect Medium Circumvention/Pluggable transport
#19408 Tor cannot work in China defect Medium Circumvention/Pluggable transport
#23257 Snowflake doesn't connect on the CalVisitor network defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#27850 Provide stand-alone snowflake proxy for 32-bit dcf defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#33884 Meek-Azure and SnowFlake are still broken defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#34124 snowflake funktioniert nicht defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#12402 Meek bundle occasionally makes direct contact to Tor node. dcf defect High Circumvention/meek
#15523 Meek with google is much slower in TBB 4.0.5 than in TBB 4.0.3 dcf defect Medium Circumvention/meek
#29871 Meek-Azure Pluggable Transport Not working dcf defect Medium Circumvention/meek
#27487 I can't log into TOR, instead get the below message. What's up with that? alison defect Medium Community/Outreach
#18496 stateful firewalling on relays Nusenu enhancement Medium Community/Relays
#25348 Add instructions for OpenBSD, amend FreeBSD to also mention obfs4 Nusenu enhancement Medium Community/Relays
#25419 Advise using GNSS for getting time if it is possible Nusenu enhancement Low Community/Relays
#25564 DNS-over-HTTPS for exit relays Nusenu defect Medium Community/Relays
#27027 TorRelayGuide/NetBSD: set ORPort to 443 where that works out of the box egypcio enhancement Medium Community/Relays
#30312 Tor Relay Guide / DebianUbuntu Nusenu defect Medium Community/Relays
#30445 some suggestions to the tor relay guide Nusenu enhancement Medium Community/Relays
#21835 Add information about hostingcompany that offers Tor Relays / Exit node hosting phoul enhancement Low Community/Tor Support
#26791 Philippines phoul task Medium Tor: unspecified Community/Tor Support
#26897 Download Problem phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#27134 connect issue phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#27285 Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10%: Finishing handshake with directory server. phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#27311 Tor wont open. It says...Toe unexpectantly exited. phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#27639 Tor unexpectedly exited phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#27646 download phoul defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#28109 envio de directorio carlaherrera30 defect Medium Community/Tor Support
#28414 Tor doesn't load tbb-team defect Immediate Community/Tor Support
#31704 help ggus defect Very High Community/Tor Support
#19471 Please hide translator's e-mail addr. phoul defect Very High Community/Translations
#2155 Please create an account for me weasel enhancement Medium Company
#982 Crash in closing tls connection defect Low Tor: 0.2.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#983 Abort crash in libcrypto malloc during onion handshake defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1519 Tor gives me a Socks error when i try to access a hidden service phobos defect High Core Tor/Tor
#1520 segmentation fault on defect Low Tor: 0.2.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#1528 Vidalia on Mac OS X use Proxy to Internet Settings broken phobos defect Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#1663 problem with connecting to tor network defect Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#1744 Tor.exe has encoutered a problem and needs to close phobos defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1864 Difficulties with setting up relay phobos defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1888 Some small problems with my relay defect Low Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#1917 Out of tree builds don't work nickm defect Medium Tor: 0.2.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#1923 Allow non-administrative users who know the HashedControlPassword to control tor client. enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#2304 Tor stops at establishing encrypted directory connection defect Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#2632 Download Stops Midway with TOR Enabled defect Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#2691 Problems getting Tor to run erinn defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2974 tor is to slow... defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#3017 DNS update causes Tor to fail defect Medium Tor: 0.2.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
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