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#6051 Torbutton "Exception in sandbox evaluation" error defect Medium Applications/Torbutton
#8499 TorButton breaks toolbar customisation mikeperry defect High Applications/Torbutton
#8538 when torbutton is enabled, one cannot move/change icons/bookmarks/etc with recent FF version defect High Applications/Torbutton
#15861 torbutton bad window, when open a new tab on non english setup. enhancement Medium Applications/Torbutton
#8164 Validate flag-thresholds in consensus-health checker karsten enhancement Medium Archived/DocTor
#8797 Consensus-health checker should warn if auths assign flags to unusually few or many relays atagar enhancement Medium Archived/DocTor
#1800 arm bandwidth graph reset by sighups atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#2323 directory src/TorCtl does not exist atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#4092 Arm should recognise similar Tor log entries and treat them as duplicates atagar enhancement Low Archived/Nyx
#4901 Arm install fails if torctl in path atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#4964 Resource starvation causes arm to overwhelm server atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#5003 Connection resolver chokes on UDP connections, on OS X 10.6.8 atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#5270 When pre-populating logs arm only look at the very first log config option atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#6881 Can't connect to sockets with password auth atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#6907 arm simply assumes it is connecting to a local tor instance (which is not necessarily always the case) atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#6908 installing arm from debian repo: dependency issues? (arch: arm) atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#7611 Man page parser out of date atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#7709 DisableDebuggerAttachment when running as root atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#7837 arm crashes when I open the conenctions page atagar defect Very High Archived/Nyx
#8015 arm torrc parsing comments wrongly atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#8046 arm no longer shows inbound connects or control connection atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#8183 arm shows client ip addresses on connection page atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#8473 zero connections treated as a socket listing error atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#8687 Issue with RelayBandwidthBurst handling atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#8836 arm shouldn't download stem atagar task Medium Archived/Nyx
#8837 AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'to_camel_case' atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#8838 AttributeError: 'Version' object has no attribute 'meets_requirements' atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#8873 UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc2 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128) atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#9102 measured bandwith reported wrong atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#9212 arm can not parse "auto" port atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#9222 Torrc's bandwidth entries are more flexible than documented defect Very Low Archived/Nyx
#9269 ARM uncaught exception if ORPort contains an IP address atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#9291 arm, a page with all graphs at once atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Nyx
#9301 add advertised bandwidth atagar task Medium Archived/Nyx
#9403 consider using PyPy with 'arm' where appropriate atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Nyx
#9679 Man page warnings after 2.4.x nightly update to Tor atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#9753 Torrc validation misunderstands MaxOnionQueueDelay atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#10701 tor-arm's man page doesn't mention --socket option atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#12112 AppData for arm atagar enhancement Low Archived/Nyx
#12127 Connection stats missing from menu atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Nyx
#12452 Arm is showing the wrong accounting limit atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#12785 arm crashes on Debian Wheezy atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#13127 ValueError strptime traceback starting arm atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#13248 uptime is empty atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#13249 detail information of an "/Exit" of a CIRCUIT is wrong atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#13266 control interpreter /info shows outdated versino string atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#13272 connections can't be displayed, arm creashes immediately atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#14800 arm badly parse hidden service config atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#15036 Arm prepopulates the wrong bandwidth stats atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#15619 add support for ControlSocket atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Nyx
#15778 Arm shell $* problem atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#15779 Nyx doesn't exit gracefully on Ctrl-C atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#16234 Displayed bandwidth limit is displayed wrong enhancement Medium Archived/Nyx
#17095 Arm Crashes when opening connection page atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#17977 plus character + breaks arm's Tor control port interpeter atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#18065 arm can't handle v6 addresses atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#18131 Bandwidth history atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#19146 arm/nyx doesn't install on systems with python3.x by default atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#24360 When I open nyx and then Immediately click "qq" it will get in a state where nix disappears atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#25302 Cannot quit after using Control Interpreter atagar defect Low Archived/Nyx
#25615 Can not use nyx with Tor to display like ARM atagar defect Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final Archived/Nyx
#26084 Graph not updating on Tor atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#26244 The ability to jump to the bottom or top of the connection list in Nyx atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#29078 nyx values do differ from stem native example atagar defect Medium Archived/Nyx
#30750 Cosmetic looks label alpha dev ico metrics terminal NYX enhancement Low Archived/Nyx
#22576 obfs4 through proxy is not working anymore with Tor Browser 7.0 on Windows defect Medium Archived/Obfsproxy
#7052 Pcap uploader isis task Medium Archived/Ooni
#7462 Agree on naming for ooni hellais task Medium Archived/Ooni
#7993 ooni frontpage points to wiki docs page, which very subtly points back to ooni docs page hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#8366 ooni: should be able to take hostnames as arguments isis enhancement Medium Archived/Ooni
#8547 ooni: debug scapytest template isis defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#8608 discuss deployment of oonib's dns_helper service hellais task Medium Archived/Ooni
#8756 scary ooni ascii art isis task Medium Archived/Ooni
#11855 "Failed to open reporter" might mean "the collector refused my report" hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#11995 Unhandled Tor exception hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#12291 ooniprobe inputs and decks are not part of package data hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#6116 apply for .onion gTLD at IANA task Medium Archived/Ponies
#8157 'test_skip_nondescriptor_contents' and 'test_non_ascii_descriptor' fails atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#8575 Integ tests segfault python 3 atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#8606 Controller's extend_circuit() fails to remove temporary listeners atagar defect Low Archived/Stem
#8681 Stem Integ Tests fail on Windows atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#8896 Thread leak in integ tests atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#9779 Stem configs resetting to default atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#12909 stem.util.str_tools.get_size_label() insufficiently precise atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#15635 Support multiple parameters for get_info() enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#17086 CircuitEvent socks_username and socks_password is always None defect Medium Archived/Stem
#17306 Split up's integ tests atagar enhancement Low Archived/Stem
#17974 git tag issue of stem tree atagar task Medium Archived/Stem
#18666 ExitPolicy constructor inconsistent atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#18936 Update pycurl example atagar enhancement Low Archived/Stem
#23314 `make test-stem` starts up tor on 9050: Address already in use atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#26226 Plan/discuss stem.client architecture/design dmr task Medium Archived/Stem
#28239 stem should permit Content-Type text/plain on all directory responses atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#28401 stem.client does not fragment across relay cells when making dir requests over orports atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#28494 Please provide an equivalent for UnparseableDescriptor from metrics-lib atagar enhancement Medium Archived/Stem
#28910 stem's jenkins CI runs the stem unit tests and the tor tests atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#28916 Stem's launch_tor_with_config() does not support ordered (onion service) options atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#29333 Use the bandwidth-file-spec.txt keywords as BandwidthFile attributes atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#29352 AttributeError when running test atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
#29779 Stem's integ tests no longer pass when offline atagar defect Medium Archived/Stem
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