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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#22771 Determine Rust support levels for our targeted platforms task Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#23519 Please pin the gettorbrowser repository in your official Github account for better visibility ilv task Medium Applications/GetTor
#24093 How To Download Tor Browser? jsha task Medium Torbutton: 1.4 HTTPS Everywhere/HTTPS Everywhere: Chrome
#24352 Bad exits inject port 82 into HTTP redirects?? metrics-team task Very High - Select a component
#25063 Add an option to limit bandwidth of Onion(Hidden) service task Medium Core Tor
#26226 Plan/discuss stem.client architecture/design dmr task Medium Core Tor/Stem
#27406 apt update reports Tor repository's GPG key is not valid anymore. task High Core Tor
#27527 Remove "Google" from built-in Search list because it is unusable via Tor in most cases. tbb-team task Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#30952 Work out why the latest fallback list only has 127 entries teor task Medium Core Tor/Fallback Scripts
#1753 Make windows relays more reliable project Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#4380 Complete BridgeDB upgrades phase 1 isis project Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#5837 Use IDA Pro and/or BinDiff to inspect releases cypherpunks project High Applications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#6011 Write up proposal outline for build security mikeperry project High Company
#17103 Shoulder Browsing/ Low tech surveillance tbb-team project Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#20000 Improve our release process: we need fewer surprises. project Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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