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#5595 Some relays tried to refetch maatuska's new certificate repeatedly andrea defect critical Tor
#6538 Use bit-twiddling tricks to make choose-by-bandwith algorithm even more time-invariant enhancement normal Tor
#7189 Disabling TLS tickets makes us look unlike firefox defect normal Tor
#7582 Don't disable exits so harshly for unexpected END_REASON_EXITPOLICY defect major Tor
#7708 connection_handle_write_impl mishandles TOR_TLS_WANT_WRITE defect major Tor
#7816 Various resource leaks in various parts of Tor (found by coverity scan) defect normal Tor
#7947 Do handle TRUNCATE command properly if circuit pending still defect normal Tor
#8031 Assertion fast_memeq(md->body, "onion-key", 9) failed; defect major Tor Tor:
#8180 EntryNodes ignored when UseEntryGuards==0, warning can be overlooked defect normal Tor Tor:
#8475 internal-address check in handling RESOLVED cells doesn't cover IPv6 defect major Tor
#8718 memory leak whenever a config change happens defect normal Tor
#8719 memory leak when we get a consensus but don't have enough certs to check it defect normal Tor
#9122 Recent regression causing confparse error defect major Tor
#10402 Force disable use of RDRAND in OpenSSL when HardwareAccel is enabled defect major Tor
#10409 breaks on corrupted caches defect normal Tor Tor:

Status: needs_revision (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8117 Tor SOCKS handshake makes SOCKS circuit isolation non-functional for many apps defect major Tor Tor:
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