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#9650 create_managed_proxy_environment: lack of checks for values returned by get_first_listener_addrport_string asn defect normal Tor
#5018 don't start ClientTransportPlugin proxies until we have a bridge that wants them defect normal Tor
#7912 Cells that don't get inserted into cell queues can clog connection flushing defect major Tor
#9386 Prop 221: Use CREATE_FAST less, or not at all enhancement normal Tor
#9686 MaxMemInCellQueues minimum of 500MB is too large for low-RAM relays (Raspberry Pi) defect major Tor
#9841 Faster implementation for circuit_get_by_rend_token_and_purpose() defect normal Tor
#9963 Limit descriptor-based bootstrap progress log messages defect normal Tor
#10081 TBB 2.4 on OSX, SO_REUSEADDR errors defect normal Tor Tor:
#10169 Extend OOM handler to cover channels/connection buffers defect major Tor
#10363 Avoid additional pointer overflow in channeltls.c:channel_tls_process_certs_cells defect major Tor
#10468 Make DnsPort, IPv6, and AutomapHostsOnResolve work tother. defect major Tor
#10543 count_useable_descriptors behaves badly when nothing in ExitNodes has the Exit flag defect normal Tor Tor:
#10722 Wanted to contact directory mirror XXX ... but but it's in our ExcludedNodes list and StrictNodes is set. defect normal Tor Tor:
#10801 parse_bridge_line() does tor_addr_port_lookup(). Perhaps it should parse, not lookup. defect normal Tor
#10987 IPv6 is not working when using SocksPort defect normal Tor
#11061 SocksPort section of man page is mangled defect normal Tor
#11069 Tor with unreachable PTs should not hang the bootstrap process defect normal Tor
#11232 Run without warnings from clang-3.4 dynamic analyzer tools defect normal Tor
#11275 memory leak in router_append_dirobj_signature() defect normal Tor
#11438 Update to match ciphers from a recent firefox enhancement normal Tor
#11513 Make UNRESTRICTED_SERVER_CIPHER_LIST non-stupid defect normal Tor
#11528 Consider using ​SSL_OP_CIPHER_SERVER_PREFERENCE defect normal Tor

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#9553 Please bump tor version in maint-* branches as part of the release process enhancement normal Tor
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