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#11728 Torbirdy shouldn't allow clearnet connections on startup if started in Transparent Torification mode needs_review ioerror defect High
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages needs_review traumschule defect High WebsiteV3
#16920 Referer Header should be disabled for new tabs needs_review tbb-team defect High
#32088 Proposal 271 - straightforward improvements needs_review enhancement High Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#3799 Investigate methods for translating strings in Unixoid shell scripts needs_review traumschule task Medium
#3893 Verifying-signatures needs some work needs_review arma enhancement Medium website redesign
#4385 Wizard comes up when you try to exit orbot needs_review n8fr8 defect Medium
#5305 Orbot ( connection error needs_review n8fr8 defect Medium
#8287 XML Source Box continuously on firefox in linux mint needs_review pde defect Medium
#8957 The SSL Observatory client should listen for and submit invalid certs needs_review pde enhancement Medium
#10609 should ignore empty scan-data files needs_review defect Medium
#10762 TorBridy should try both SOCKS port 9050 and 9150 needs_review ioerror defect Medium
#13005 Please document Tor Browser environment variables needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#14946 NullPointerException when Requesting Hidden Service needs_review n8fr8 defect Medium
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium WebsiteV3
#17641 Use NoScript ABE feature to disallow hidden services access to clearnet needs_review tbb-team enhancement Medium
#19327 controller: expose fine-grained circuit detail. needs_review enhancement Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#20146 Firefox bug - (CVE-2016-5284) ESR-45/Tor Browser certificate pinning bypass for and other built-in sites needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#20218 Fix and refactor and redocument routerstatus_has_changed needs_review defect Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#20619 bwauths don't handle NEWCONSENSUS event correctly needs_review tom defect Medium
#22076 adjust text shown on screen based on size of text needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium WebsiteV3
#22089 Add Decentraleyes to slighten off a bit Exit traffic and work around some CDNs blocking of Tor needs_review tbb-team enhancement Medium
#22182 Revision of perl script for updating mirror page on website needs_review Samdney defect Medium
#22265 write high-level overview of bootstrap process needs_review catalyst defect Medium website redesign
#23850 Webpage for Tor ecosystem: List of, and links to, success stories needs_review alison enhancement Medium
#24176 Bandwidth authority complains that SETEVENTS EXTENDED is deprecated needs_review teor defect Medium
#24210 Avoid division by zero and excessive ranks in pytorctl's ScanHandler.rank_to_percent needs_review defect Medium
#24440 Match blog title post spacing to archive post title spacing needs_review hiro defect Medium
#25131 Add a security.txt file to needs_review enhancement Medium website redesign
#25475 TB Credits needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium website redesign
#26307 Add link to Tor SlackBuild on download-unix.html.en needs_review enhancement Medium website redesign
#26539 add checksums to download page; make checksum vs. sig file purpose much clearer needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#26669 Add a new icon for "Obsolete" needs_review hiro enhancement Medium
#26861 Bump available ulimit in runc container in tor-browser-build needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#27045 Add option for firefox incremental builds needs_review tbb-team task Medium
#27265 In some cases, rbm will download files in the wrong project directory needs_review boklm defect Medium
#27412 make bug tracker links on getinvolved page accessible without login needs_review qbi defect Medium
#27458 security.txt: Add acknowledgments page to honour our security researches needs_review task Medium website redesign
#27585 Revision of tor-mirrors.csv needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#27669 Replace recommendations to use tor-ramdisk with something better needs_review defect Medium
#27903 Tor Browser 8 does not respect gtk3 settings needs_review boklm defect Medium
#27942 tor-mirrors.csv: update (sub)regions needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#27997 Remove failing mirrors needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#28047 Add needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28083 Sort website mirror list by region needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28165 Add needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28166 Add info on how to prevent logging of IP addresses needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28417 Translate glossary / browser manual translates 'Circuit' inconsistently needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#28493 Stop forcibly enabling protected headers (aka. Memory Hole) by default needs_review sukhbir defect Medium
#28745 THE Torbutton clean-up needs_review acat defect Medium
#29829 Torbirdy is not updated for Thunderbird 60.5.x needs_review sukhbir defect Medium
#30237 Tor Browser: Improve TBB UI of hidden service client authorization needs_review mcs defect Medium
#30334 build_go_lib for executables? needs_review boklm enhancement Medium
#30501 BridgesList Preferences is an overloaded field needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#30548 Clean up keyring files needs_review tbb-team task Medium
#30552 Android - Clean up torrc needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#30786 Ship Thai Tor Browser in alpha series needs_review gk enhancement Medium
#31047 Resources Should Exactly Match Orbot needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#31313 Don't rely on RecommendedTBBVersions to create download links needs_review enhancement Medium
#31650 pre-crunch and pre-strip PNG in tor-service-android to make it reproducible needs_review tbb-team enhancement Medium
#31781 ping on new VMs needs_review anarcat defect Medium
#31820 Drop support for OpenSSL < 1.1.1 needs_review nickm task Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#31882 move Android build config into core tor needs_review defect Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#31909 Write a stem test to detect #31495 regression needs_review nickm defect Medium Tor: 0.4.2.x-final
#32007 Add anti-censorship research ideas needs_review irl enhancement Medium
#32116 Fix tor-browser's .mozconfig so that ./mach configure succeeds on Linux by default needs_review pospeselr defect Medium
#32172 port test suite to Android to run in emulator needs_review task Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#32193 update .gitlab-ci.yml to remove broken cruft and add a complete test suite needs_review enhancement Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#32264 MS: Perform fetches of check.tpo in an exitmap plugin needs_review irl task Medium
#32265 MS: Format an exit list from a previous exit list and exitmap output needs_review irl task Medium
#32428 Add backend ID when exposing circuitid with HiddenServiceExportCircuitID needs_review enhancement Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#32475 Reduce the number of locales we provide updates for in nightly needs_review boklm task Medium
#32500 consider clang -std=gnu99 in Travis for better C99 portability needs_review teor enhancement Medium Tor: 0.4.3.x-final
#32501 Add hasDormantCanceledByStartup to TOPL TorSettings Interface needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#32516 Make Write Methods Clearer in TorConfigBuilder needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#32527 rbm downloads 0B sig file if network drops; rejects sig on next run needs_review boklm defect Medium
#32531 Back out the backport for bug 1534339 needs_review gk defect Medium
#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? needs_review traumschule enhancement Low WebsiteV3
#17805 The website should support "stable" and "oldstable" tor releases needs_review cypherpunks defect Low WebsiteV3
#30009 consider trocla for secrets management in puppet needs_review anarcat project Low
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