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#25140 Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory needs_review ahf
#28849 Handle dormant mode in process library and for PT's needs_review dcf
#22029 Allow ed25519 keys to be banned in the approved-routers file needs_review asn
#27130 rust dependency updating instructions don't work needs_review nickm
#29223 List canonical abbreviations to use in Tor functions and identifiers needs_review catalyst
#29310 control-spec: "limits/max-mem-in-queues" appears to be undocumented needs_review mikeperry
#29976 rework bootstrap reporting to use pubsub needs_review
#30286 pre-push git hook will warn about fixups for no reason needs_review asn
#30365 prop289: Update tor-spec.txt with authenticated SENDME spec needs_review
#30382 Provide control port event for when we are missing v3 client auth for an onion needs_review
#30519 Deterministic coverage on 0.4.1 needs_review
#30539 Add an "autostyle" target to apply all of our automatic restyling things. needs_review
#30550 Remove from contrib/dist needs_review
#30615 Factor random_uniform_01 into nondeterministic and deterministic parts, and automatically test the deterministic part needs_review
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