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#29357 add an ActiveOnStartup config option needs_review mikeperry
#25140 Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory needs_review ahf
#29280 Use Chutney for CI needs_review teor
#29527 Division by zero: undefined behaviour in circuitpadding/circuitpadding_sample_distribution test needs_review mikeperry
#23588 Write fascist_firewall_choose_address_ls() and use it in hs_get_extend_info_from_lspecs() needs_review teor
#23790 rend_service_prune_list_impl_() doesn't copy over desc_is_dirty when copying intro points needs_review mikeperry
#24546 Use tor_addr_is_v4() rather than family, or reject all v6-mapped IPv4 addresses needs_review ahf
#26288 prop289: Implement authenticated SENDME needs_review nickm
#27130 rust dependency updating instructions don't work needs_review catalyst
#28226 Backend for an async publish-subcribe messaging system for cross-module communications needs_review catalyst
#29108 Refactor crypto_digest.c to have fewer ifdefs needs_review catalyst
#29528 UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer errors should fail the unit tests needs_review
#29537 verify intptr_t round-trip through void * needs_review catalyst, teor
#29612 Update the documentation for ExitRelay needs_review mikeperry
#29640 Improve the monotonic time documentation in compat_time.c needs_review mikeperry
#29662 Introduce assert functions that allow us to printf error message needs_review ahf
#29668 Drop thread_fast_rng during postfork; improve thread_fast_rng fork-safety needs_review catalyst
#29702 Stop using configs from the local tor install when we launch tor for tests needs_review mikeperry
#29789 codec exception in some locales needs_review
#29801 Add teor's suggestions for Prop#299 (referring IPv4 or IPv6 based on IP Version Failure Count) needs_review nickm
#29805 41 coverity defects on prob_distr.c needs_review
#29824 CID 1444119 resource leak in BUG case in consdiff.c needs_review
#29756 Check for correct header macro guards. needs_review cohosh
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