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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#32168 Add CORS wildcard to check API hiro enhancement Medium Internal Services/Services Admin Team
#32874 Tor blog tags not showing up on mobile hiro defect Low Webpages/Blog
#32946 Something in the jenkins setup is reverting the website to an older version hiro defect Medium Webpages/Website
#33115 Migrating the blog to a static web site with Lektor hiro defect Medium Webpages/Blog
#33278 Need documentation for how to anonymously(safely) file a bug in hiro enhancement Medium Webpages/Support
#33307 Instructions for verifying tor source downloads hiro defect Medium Webpages/Website
#33340 Typo in letterboxing page hiro defect Medium Webpages/Support
#33384 Create entry in for Onion-Location automatic redirects. hiro task Medium Webpages/Support
#33456 Update Support Portal Onion Services section to include a question on HSv3 client authorization hiro defect Medium Webpages/Support
#33490 Tor website onion service links are linked to the clearnet addresses hiro enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#33610 Incorrect GPG package key on Debian package page hiro task Medium Webpages/Website
#33728 Make tor-security@ non-schleuder; add tor-security-encrypted@ hiro enhancement Medium Internal Services/Schleuder
#30250 we should retire the 'rpm packaging' trac component hiviah enhancement Medium Core Tor/RPM packaging
#10061 Complete specification for generalised PT composition infinity0 enhancement Medium Circumvention/Pluggable transport
#10878 push obfs-flash Twisted improvements upstream infinity0 task Medium Circumvention/Pluggable transport
#10970 tor-bridge-relay Debian package infinity0 project Medium Circumvention/Pluggable transport
#13607 TorBirdy should have an option to distrust all certificate authorities ioerror enhancement Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#17427 Allow preseeding Enigmail options ioerror, sukhbir defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#29281 Add research idea for GeoIP database comparison irl task Medium Webpages/Research
#31590 List page template for research ideas irl task Medium Webpages/Research
#32007 Add anti-censorship research ideas irl enhancement Medium Webpages/Research
#4173 When disabling a rule for the top-level page URL, reload as HTTP not HTTPS jacobske87 enhancement Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#33502 Do not let appended descriptor files grow too large karsten enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21436 fteproxy does not work on Debian stretch / document fteproxy usage on Debian stretch kpdyer defect Medium Archived/FTE
#28383 HTTPS Everywhere's exceptions persist legind defect Very High HTTPS Everywhere
#29900 not working legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#30163 URLs beginning with `view-source:http://` bypass HTTPS Everywhere legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere
#31034 broken legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere
#31093 unusable legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#33694 Allow setting up a locked update channel programatically legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#33790 Does https-everywhere still use tor trac for bugtracker? legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#23150 Re-evaluating tor browser's security controls: let's have one place to adjust all per-tab, global, persistent, and per-session security preferences. linda project Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#5788 Add support for relays without an IPv4 address ln5 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#17274 Some kind of append-only log for consensus documents and votes ln5 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified Core Tor/Tor
#10080 Publicize Tor Stack Exchange lunar task Medium Community/Tor Support
#18367 Windows Tor Browser should not store data in the Browser (application) directory mcs defect High Applications/Tor Browser
#18369 Linux Tor Browser should not store data in the Browser (application) directory mcs defect Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#20983 Stop sanitizing contact information from bridge descriptors metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21171 Write a test for NodeDetailsStatusUpdater metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21354 Reduce memory overhead for storing uptimes metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21389 Support searches for effective family (strict and non strict maching) metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#21515 Add auxiliary data on Tor relays and bridges to CollecTor metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#21701 Make it clearer that graphs showing bridge users by country and by country and transport are not the same metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#22026 Create new service to retrieve raw documents metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Ideas
#22140 Store raw descriptor contents as UTF-8 encoded Strings rather than byte[] metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#22208 Provide lines containing extra, unrecognized arguments metrics-team enhancement Medium metrics-lib 3.0.0 Metrics/Library
#22235 Add new graph showing the average onion service descriptor count per directory metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#22236 Add new graph showing directory traffic as percentage of all traffic metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#22346 Investigate drop in Tor Browser update pings in early 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 metrics-team task Medium Metrics/Analysis
#22512 Add enums for keywords used in exit lists, Torperf measurement results, bridge pool assignments, and soon sanitized web logs metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#22583 Replace code where we iterate over a directory using a Stack with FileVisitor metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#22696 Create a test collection for the entire API metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#22733 Use parameterized tests instead of repeated methods metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#23367 Take descriptor upload overlap into account when estimating version 3 onion address counts metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#23413 Add a draft with "Relay and bridge users by country" and maybe even make it the default for the "Users" section metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#23752 Use Java 8 features in all of Metrics' Java products (Summary ticket) metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics
#23973 Add "Analysis" as new first category next to "News" metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#23983 Add middle-only line to Relays by relay flag graph metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#23984 Extend Onionoo's nagios script to all known frontends metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24018 Automate measuring connection timeouts per exit metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Statistics
#24042 Test descriptor parsing with fuzzed descriptors metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics
#24112 Update ExoneraTor's README file metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#24166 Make descriptor reading stoppable metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#24293 Create new metrics-lib package with generally useful classes and functions metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#24328 Make db credentials and url as well as paths (webstats, legacy, onionperf etc.) configurable metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#24365 Make ExoneraTor testable metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/ExoneraTor
#24370 Define guidelines for variable naming metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics
#24422 Look at Information Architecture for Tor Metrics metrics-team task Medium Metrics/Website
#24429 Provide fallback mirror data in Metrics metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics
#24431 Provide fallback mirror lists metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#24434 Provide fallback list parser metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#24436 Provide fallback mirror information metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24458 Specify Onionoo's query and search syntax metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24463 Advanced search: Add a client auto-completion filter to AS field metrics-team enhancement Very Low Metrics/Relay Search
#24495 Add aggregated summary documents metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#24562 Define SQL coding guidelines for Metrics' products metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics
#24635 Use date and timestamp classes for calculations etc. metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#24830 Mashup GoodBadISPs with Onionoo to give indications of which providers are oversubscribed metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#24834 Map consensus weight vs bandwidth for each bandwidth authority's votes metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#24837 Allow Relay Searches for Additional Flags metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#24858 Further tweak metrics timeline events underneath graphs and on news page metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#24870 Use java 8 date-time functionality in Onionoo metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#25176 Combine fixed-time history objects into a single object with an x axis for time metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#25210 Measure how often tor clients fetch the consensus metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25221 Add heap space recommendation to tutorial metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#25240 Add an interface to the Metrics CSV files metrics-team enhancement Medium Archived/Metrics Bot
#25274 Consolidate Onionoo's API metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#25309 Use java8 datetime classes in bridgedesc module metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/CollecTor
#25404 Update design to use new styleguide (bootstrap 4) metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Website
#25442 Use java8 datetime classes throughout metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Statistics
#25537 Integrate Tor BSD Diversity Project's statistics into Tor Metrics metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25542 Find an alternative to MaxMind's GeoLite2 City database metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Ideas
#25570 Allow autodiscovery of the news atom feed metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#25571 Add an iCalendar feed of metrics events metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#25589 Add test to ensure that output of ATOM feed is valid XML metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Website
#25742 add more metadata about relays: #1 DNSSEC validation, #2 DNS server metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#25744 Resolve RS license issues metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#25748 Reduce js library number used metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#25775 Use OnionPerf to measure network partitioning metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Ideas
#25777 Create a new service to help relay operators debug their relay metrics-team project Medium Metrics/Ideas
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