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#29562 APPCRASH of tor.exe on Windows when PT bootstrap is cancelled Core Tor/Tor closed ahf
#29024 Add pluggable-transport support to Chutney Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#30065 Add shellcheck tests to chutney Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#28940 Add support for LOG to goptlib Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed dcf
#30224 Add the tor versions for bridge-distribution-request Core Tor/Tor closed teor
#27912 Add travis CI for the Chutney repository Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#30063 Add unit tests to chutney, and run them in Travis Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29278 Assess HTTP proxy Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed phw
#14744 Automate upload of latest Tor Browser to cloud services Applications/GetTor closed
#18076 Bridges email inconsistent + not receiving emails Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#24367 Changing pluggable transports (during start-up) in Tor Browser is broken Core Tor/Tor closed nickm
#30058 Chutney bootstrap-network script uses the wrong network flavour Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29618 Chutney doesn't use python3 if a "python2" binary exists, and fails if it uses python3 anyway. Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#30064 Chutney often fails because Tor hasn't bootstrapped yet Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#22132 Chutney should avoid waiting for set times: wait for conditions instead Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#27947 Chutney's owning controller process code compares strings with ints Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29481 Cleanup bridgedb.conf and bridgedb.crontab Circumvention/BridgeDB closed sysrqb
#21305 Client gets into an unrecoverable connect / close loop Circumvention/Snowflake closed cohosh
#29670 Could not create SOCKS args string Core Tor/Tor closed nickm
#12806 Create Debian package for BridgeDB Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#29284 Deploy Marionette as a PT Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed asn
#16671 Design a new Bridge Distributor for Tor Browser Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#29273 Document BridgeDB infrastructure Circumvention/BridgeDB closed dgoulet
#28848 Document Snowflake broker implementation Circumvention/Snowflake closed ahf
#29229 Does anybody notice if the bridge auth goes away? Circumvention/BridgeDB closed dgoulet
#20473 Fix Chutney Nodes that don't bootstrap Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#28152 Gettor code refactor with Python Twisted Applications/GetTor closed hiro
#29875 Going from obfs4 to snowflake using the Tor Network Settings from the Torbutton doesn't work Core Tor/Tor closed nickm
#26348 Guard against large reads Circumvention/Snowflake closed cohosh
#28179 Handle output from PT processes with the event loop Core Tor/Tor closed ahf
#28655 If a bridge supports obfs4, don't give out its other flavors Circumvention/BridgeDB closed phw
#22775 Implement Hyphae Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#22777 Implement a backend HTTP server for Hyphae's credentials Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#30472 Implement a mechanism for PT reachability testing Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed phw
#1593 Implement test (-t switch) functionality Applications/GetTor closed kaner
#22776 Implement the remaining cryptographic protocols for Hyphae Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#28018 Improve accuracy and usefulness of information reported to controllers about bootstrap status Core Tor/Tor closed catalyst
#30455 Improve documentation for chutney warnings in "make test-network-all" Core Tor/Tor closed teor
#30459 Let chutney tell Tor whether a network is supported Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#29748 Let tolerate some number of failures Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#30006 Monitor "aliveness" of default bridges in Tor Browser Applications/Quality Assurance and Testing closed phw
#8542 More options on how to get the bundles Applications/GetTor closed
#28091 Port GetTor to python3 Applications/GetTor closed traumschule
#30125 Port server's log sanitization to client, broker, and proxy-go Circumvention/Snowflake closed cohosh
#26154 Remove apt-get update from BridgeDB's .travis.yml to avoid SHA1 signature error Circumvention/BridgeDB closed phw
#30008 Remove unused FIFO copy paste code from snowflake client Circumvention/Snowflake closed
#25502 Report intermediate PT bootstrapping status Core Tor/Tor closed ahf
#27827 Reproducibility issue of the snowflake osx64 build Circumvention/Snowflake closed tbb-team
#29489 Set up automated local testing environment for Snowflake Circumvention/Snowflake closed cohosh
#30820 Show the correct macOS tor versions in chutney's CI Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#28180 Signal mechanism from PT processes to Tor Core Tor/Tor closed dgoulet
#30258 Snowflake proxy stops working during browsing session Circumvention/Snowflake closed cohosh
#30279 Test IPv6-only v3 onion services in Chutney's CI, once homebrew tor stable supports them Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29761 Track chutney CI failures, and tweak the allow failures settings Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#25430 Turkey cant access Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#28234 Update GetTor documentation Applications/GetTor closed traumschule
#30059 Update chutney's README Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29762 Update the README for new features Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#29280 Use Chutney in Tor's CI Core Tor/Tor closed teor
#28936 Use Travis CI for goptlib.git repositories on Github Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed dcf
#29483 Use systemd init script for BridgeDB Circumvention/BridgeDB closed dgoulet
#29729 Work out which networks to run in Chutney's CI Core Tor/Chutney closed teor
#15522 Write Protobufs for any BridgeDB data which must be sent over a network or IPC channel Circumvention/BridgeDB closed
#30066 Write a script that tests chutney's major features on the specified network and tor version Core Tor/Chutney closed
#29297 Write reachability tests to verify if obfs4 is working or not Archived/Obfsproxy closed cohosh
#28925 distinguish PT vs proxy for real in bootstrap tracker Core Tor/Tor closed catalyst
#29876 get_proxy_type() may be wrong when unused PT configured Core Tor/Tor closed
#30331 obfs4_bridgeline.txt file should contain complete bridge line Circumvention/Pluggable transport closed
#28281 outline of high-level bootstrap tracker abstractions Core Tor/Tor closed catalyst
#29263 prop289: add bidirectional data transfers to chutney Core Tor/Chutney closed nickm
#29426 proxy-go instances not available Circumvention/Snowflake closed
#29976 rework bootstrap reporting to use pubsub Core Tor/Tor closed catalyst
#28182 spec: Add to control-spec.txt some pluggable transport events Core Tor/Tor closed dgoulet
#28181 spec: Add to pt-spec.txt control messages going back to main process (tor) Core Tor/Tor closed dgoulet
#29874 torrc no longer accepts space in executable paths Core Tor/Tor closed ahf
#28928 update control-spec.txt for new bootstrap phases Core Tor/Tor closed catalyst
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