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#7117 One of our code-checking tools should make sure that we don't add more reserved identifiers Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Oct 15, 2012
#7457 Add client-side log indicator that an obfsbridge works Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Nov 12, 2012
#8214 "getinfo address" should work more consistently soon after startup Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Feb 12, 2013
#9680 get_datadir_fname2_suffix() should create missing directories as needd Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Sep 5, 2013
#10307 Allow Tor relays to configure bandwidth limits around peak usage Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Dec 6, 2013
#2473 Develop a design to support multiple bridge authorities Core Tor/Tor project new Feb 1, 2011
#2507 It's probably not spelled "NATD" Core Tor/Tor defect new Feb 7, 2011
#4857 Disabling an HS with service-side rend circs in progress may produce ‘Internal Error’ log message Core Tor/Tor defect new Jan 7, 2012
#9860 junk log messages every time SETCONF changes the set of ORPorts Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect needs_revision Oct 1, 2013
#18481 Allow the fallback directory schedules to be changed outside a test network Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect new Mar 4, 2016
#4374 If you explicitly specify a geoip file and it's not there, shouldn't Tor fail? Core Tor/Tor enhancement needs_revision Nov 1, 2011
#5271 add log messages when a hidden service consistently doesn't have any preemptive circuit ready Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Feb 29, 2012
#9655 Tor manual's config default options could be clearer Core Tor/Tor enhancement new Sep 4, 2013
#9685 Improve Tor2web mode performance by having Tor2web client to be the RendezVous Point Core Tor/Tor enhancement reopened Sep 6, 2013
#25269 Set codegen-units to 1 in src/rust/Cargo.toml to eke out every last drop of performance Core Tor/Tor enhancement Backxwash needs_information Feb 15, 2018
#22233 Reconsider behavior on .z URLs with Accept-Encoding header Core Tor/Tor defect Hello71 accepted May 11, 2017
#26464 Static cross-compiling for Windows is broken Core Tor/Tor defect Hello71 new Jun 22, 2018
#28113 notify systemd if shutdown will be longer than 30 seconds Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect Hello71 needs_revision Oct 18, 2018
#26376 add cross compiling docs Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified enhancement Hello71 needs_information Jun 15, 2018
#25140 Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory Core Tor/Tor Tor: task Jigsaw52 needs_revision Feb 4, 2018
#5409 Warn if we're on Windows, and the user ends a line accepting a directory path with a backslash? Core Tor/Tor defect Jigsaw52 assigned Mar 17, 2012
#3698 Multi-line torrc options conflict with Windows paths Core Tor/Tor defect Jigsaw52 assigned Aug 8, 2011
#7869 ntor-onion-key is padded with an equal sign Core Tor/Tor defect Jigsaw52 needs_revision Jan 5, 2013
#15729 Proposal: Hidden Service Revocation Core Tor/Tor enhancement Nathaniel new Apr 18, 2015
#2003 Hibernation Soft and Hard Limits Reached Simultaneously Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified enhancement Sebastian assigned Oct 4, 2010
#12900 Remove config related naming stuff Core Tor/Tor defect Sebastian assigned Aug 19, 2014
#12901 Remove client-related naming stuff Core Tor/Tor defect Sebastian assigned Aug 19, 2014
#12898 Remove naming support from Tor Core Tor/Tor enhancement Sebastian assigned Aug 19, 2014
#11327 Dir auths should choose Fast and Guard flags by consensus weight if they don't measure Core Tor/Tor Tor: 0.2.7 defect TvdW needs_revision Mar 26, 2014
#17254 Scalable HSes by splitting intro/rendezvous Core Tor/Tor enhancement TvdW needs_revision Oct 6, 2015
#31091 Bug stracktrace when pluggable transport cannot bind to port Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified defect ahf assigned Jul 6, 2019
#10416 Tor won't start on Windows when path contains non-ascii characters Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect ahf assigned Dec 16, 2013
#30187 100% cpu usage in winthreads tor_cond_wait Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect ahf assigned Apr 15, 2019
#28930 consider reordering PT/proxy phases Core Tor/Tor enhancement ahf needs_revision Dec 21, 2018
#18345 Fix all doxygen "X is not documented" warnings Core Tor/Tor defect aomamemaki assigned Feb 19, 2016
#8225 "We stalled too much while trying to write X bytes to address [scrubbed]. If this happens frequently, either something is wrong with your network connection, or with theirs. Core Tor/Tor defect arma needs_information Feb 14, 2013
#15713 toggling DisableNetwork during bootstrap causes delay Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect arma accepted Apr 17, 2015
#15715 spurious "Network is unreachable" error after setting DisableNetwork=1 Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect arma accepted Apr 17, 2015
#19162 Make it even harder to become HSDir Core Tor/Tor Tor: 0.2.7 defect arma accepted May 23, 2016
#17773 Should clients avoid using guards that lost the Guard flag? Core Tor/Tor enhancement arma accepted Dec 8, 2015
#4682 Deal with 'double door' effects because our read and write rate limiting are independent Core Tor/Tor project arma assigned Dec 9, 2011
#18213 The parameter WarnUnsafeSocks does not work as specified in the documentation, no warning is logged in the log file Core Tor/Tor defect arma accepted Feb 2, 2016
#31408 torrc : ClientOnionAuthDir after include directives breaks client to v2 services Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn assigned Aug 13, 2019
#20742 prop224: Implement stealth client authorization Core Tor/Tor enhancement asn assigned Nov 22, 2016
#16255 Guardfraction on dirauths screws up bandwidth weights Core Tor/Tor defect asn needs_revision Jun 1, 2015
#28966 HSv3 client auth insufficiently documented (was: HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient incompatible) Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn assigned Dec 31, 2018
#7875 debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 Core Tor/Tor defect asn new Jan 6, 2013
#21039 Refactor and simplify guard code of circuit_send_next_onion_skin() Core Tor/Tor defect asn needs_revision Dec 20, 2016
#21600 Hidden service introduction point retries occur at 1 second intervals Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn assigned Mar 2, 2017
#21969 We're missing descriptors for some of our primary entry guards Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn new Apr 17, 2017
#23653 When accessing onion service with no fetchable descriptor, Tor sits around until timeout rather than hanging up Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn assigned Sep 26, 2017
#24815 Validate shared random state dates before each voting period Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn assigned Jan 6, 2018
#25347 Tor keeps on trying the same overloaded guard over and over Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn needs_revision Feb 24, 2018
#26294 attacker can force intro point rotation by ddos Core Tor/Tor defect asn merge_ready Jun 3, 2018
#26768 Support onionbalance in HSv3 Core Tor/Tor defect asn assigned Jul 12, 2018
#29930 Warning: can't unlink unverified-consensus on Windows Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn new Mar 28, 2019
#30578 The circuitpadding_circuitsetup_machine test: Re-enable, remove, re-document, or ___? Core Tor/Tor defect asn needs_revision May 22, 2019
#30381 Provide control port commands to ADD/REMOVE/VIEW v3 client-auth Core Tor/Tor enhancement asn needs_revision May 3, 2019
#18356 obfs4proxy cannot bind to <1024 port with systemd hardened service unit Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect asn new Feb 21, 2016
#29136 PT_LOG and PT_STATUS event fields unspecifed Core Tor/Tor defect atagar needs_revision Jan 19, 2019
#30700 Tor's Travis stem job shows debug logs from 10 minutes after the hang Core Tor/Tor defect atagar reopened May 30, 2019
#17903 router_pick_trusteddirserver_impl should distinguish between fallbacks and authorities Core Tor/Tor enhancement attila needs_revision Dec 20, 2015
#3511 Automatically chosen published ports should be stable Core Tor/Tor enhancement blackpaw assigned Jul 1, 2011
#30984 Make a key-value line abstraction to output control replies Core Tor/Tor defect catalyst accepted Jun 25, 2019
#29210 Distribute control.c functionality across various modules Core Tor/Tor task catalyst new Jan 30, 2019
#1749 Split relay and link crypto across multiple CPU cores Core Tor/Tor project chelseakomlo assigned Jul 29, 2010
#20953 Isolate references to versioning Core Tor/Tor enhancement chelseakomlo new Dec 12, 2016
#24249 Create automated mechanism for C/Rust types to stay in sync Core Tor/Tor enhancement chelseakomlo needs_information Nov 11, 2017
#26296 Refactor cell crypto to pre/post crypto operations Core Tor/Tor enhancement chelseakomlo assigned Jun 3, 2018
#9323 Option to start as a bridge by default, but change to relay if bw is super-high. Core Tor/Tor enhancement chiiph new Jul 24, 2013
#3566 Should controller events respect SafeLogging 1 torrc option? Core Tor/Tor enhancement chiiph new Jul 11, 2011
#21081 tor --service install -options does not work Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect cypherpunks new Dec 25, 2016
#19661 tor refuses to use /dev/null as a config file Core Tor/Tor Tor: enhancement cypherpunks needs_revision Jul 10, 2016
#21816 Add support for Pluggable Transports 2.0 Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified enhancement dasyatid1 needs_revision Mar 25, 2017
#27435 Poland, PLAY operator and OBFS4 Core Tor/Tor defect dcf new Sep 4, 2018
#19487 Meek and ReachableAddresses Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect dcf needs_revision Jun 23, 2016
#28970 tor_bug_occurred_(): Bug: ../src/or/hs_client.c:624: setup_intro_circ_auth_key: Non-fatal assertion Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect dgoulet reopened Jan 1, 2019
#29669 hs: ADD_ONION with NEW:BEST is still pinned on v2 Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect dgoulet needs_revision Mar 6, 2019
#30200 Potential circuit timeout issues on onion service circuits Core Tor/Tor defect dgoulet assigned Apr 16, 2019
#31340 Tor sometimes stalls traffic at 2s intervals (6s most common) Core Tor/Tor defect dgoulet assigned Aug 5, 2019
#31548 hs-v3: Service can pick more than HiddenServiceNumIntroductionPoints intro points Core Tor/Tor defect dgoulet needs_revision Aug 28, 2019
#31561 hs-v3: Service can keep unused intro points in its list Core Tor/Tor defect dgoulet needs_revision Aug 29, 2019
#31682 CID 1453653: Integer handling (NEGATIVE_RETURNS) in build_establish_intro_dos_extension() Core Tor/Tor defect dgoulet accepted Sep 10, 2019
#30382 Provide control port event for when we are missing v3 client auth for an onion Core Tor/Tor enhancement dgoulet needs_revision May 3, 2019
#31373 Print summary of features at end of configure Core Tor/Tor enhancement dgoulet needs_review Aug 8, 2019
#28841 Write tool for onion service health assessment Core Tor/Tor project dgoulet assigned Dec 13, 2018
#22359 Community team and network team are constructing glossaries in parallel Core Tor/Tor enhancement emmapeel assigned May 24, 2017
#2506 Design and implement a more compact GeoIP file format Core Tor/Tor enhancement endian7000 assigned Feb 7, 2011
#4260 [PATCH] Update TOR build instructions for mingw Core Tor/Tor Tor: enhancement erinn assigned Oct 18, 2011
#22972 tor expert bundle only read the first letter from config Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect erinn new Jul 19, 2017
#16849 clear_status_flags_on_sybil might want to clear more flags Core Tor/Tor defect ffmancera needs_revision Aug 18, 2015
#18224 Tor control spec doesn't properly specify reply format Core Tor/Tor defect gk assigned Feb 3, 2016
#13694 Ship with native build instructions for windows Core Tor/Tor enhancement gk assigned Nov 7, 2014
#17607 Clean up section 2 in control-spec Core Tor/Tor enhancement gk assigned Nov 15, 2015
#29134 Document the max number of v3 client auths I can make Core Tor/Tor Tor: defect haxxpop assigned Jan 19, 2019
#18098 prop224: Implement tor-genkey tool for offline HS key creation Core Tor/Tor enhancement haxxpop needs_revision Jan 19, 2016
#31518 HAProxy implementation in TCPProxy option. Core Tor/Tor enhancement haxxpop needs_revision Aug 26, 2019
#8908 Tor systemd socket activation support Core Tor/Tor Tor: 0.2.7 enhancement intgr needs_revision May 19, 2013
#17101 Tests for connection_ap_handshake_rewrite_and_attach Core Tor/Tor defect ipazmino needs_revision Sep 17, 2015
#10218 Provide "users-per-transport-per-country" statistics for obfsbridges Core Tor/Tor enhancement joelanders assigned Nov 22, 2013
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