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Applications/TorBirdy (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#27596 Disable Submitting Crash to Mozilla by Default Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Sep 10, 2018
#26215 Add an option to Proxy tab: "Do nothing" Applications/TorBirdy task sukhbir new May 27, 2018
#28493 Stop forcibly enabling protected headers (aka. Memory Hole) by default Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir needs_review Nov 17, 2018
#29829 Torbirdy is not updated for Thunderbird 60.5.x Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir needs_review Mar 20, 2019
#31341 TorBirdy does not support Thunderbird 68 Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Aug 5, 2019
#29155 TorBirdy privacy-friendly automatic refresh Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Jan 23, 2019
#30981 Torbrowser/Torbirdy insecure settings Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Jun 25, 2019
#30982 Torbirdy preset keyserver Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Jun 25, 2019
#30980 Torbirdy changes config settings to insecure values Applications/TorBirdy task sukhbir new Jun 25, 2019
#27092 Torbirdy Disabled Still Needs Tor to Fetch Emails in Thunderbird 60+ Applications/TorBirdy Tor: unspecified defect sukhbir new Aug 9, 2018
#30248 2 Bugs (possibly related) - Mozilla addon Search & Cardbook CardDav-server connection issue Applications/TorBirdy Tor: defect sukhbir new Apr 19, 2019
#11728 Torbirdy shouldn't allow clearnet connections on startup if started in Transparent Torification mode Applications/TorBirdy defect ioerror needs_review May 4, 2014
#6359 make use of stream isolation Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir assigned Jul 10, 2012
#10684 Torbirdy does not remember customized settings after enabling it again Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir assigned Jan 21, 2014
#10762 TorBridy should try both SOCKS port 9050 and 9150 Applications/TorBirdy defect ioerror needs_review Jan 28, 2014
#17427 Allow preseeding Enigmail options Applications/TorBirdy defect ioerror, sukhbir new Oct 26, 2015
#18061 Can not check I2P mail with Torbirdy activated (sending I2P mail works fine) Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Jan 14, 2016
#20978 shortkey "n" doesn't work any longer in Thunderbird Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Dec 15, 2016
#22639 process to bring changes from tbb to torbridy Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Jun 16, 2017
#23143 latest TorBirdy release 0.2.3 breaks split-gpg in Qubes OS Applications/TorBirdy defect sukhbir new Aug 8, 2017
#10836 Enable mail account autoconfig dialog in TorBirdy Applications/TorBirdy enhancement ben new Feb 8, 2014
#13607 TorBirdy should have an option to distrust all certificate authorities Applications/TorBirdy enhancement ioerror new Oct 30, 2014
#17533 do not use keyserver-options in Whonix Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Nov 4, 2015
#21433 TorBirdy: Respect user preferences for header_type and message body type Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Feb 10, 2017
#19031 Audit Thunderbird's RSS support Applications/TorBirdy task sukhbir new May 11, 2016
#22524 clear download history Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Jun 7, 2017
#22828 UX: RSS Feed "Edit as new Message" has still Html bar Applications/TorBirdy enhancement sukhbir new Jul 5, 2017

Applications/rbm (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#28117 Some URLs can't be downloaded with LC_ALL=C Applications/rbm defect boklm new Oct 19, 2018
#28396 Temporary gpg signature verification scripts are not removed Applications/rbm defect boklm new Nov 11, 2018
#31904 Update project description on https://rbm.torproject.org/ Applications/rbm defect boklm new Oct 1, 2019
#32272 Lots of left-over folders in tor-browser-build/tmp folder filling up disk Applications/rbm defect boklm new Oct 24, 2019
#25421 Add an option to clean repository if checkout fails Applications/rbm task boklm new Mar 5, 2018
#25719 Add option to store last time a file was used in a build Applications/rbm task boklm new Apr 5, 2018
#26185 rbm should do deep merge of options hashes Applications/rbm task boklm new May 24, 2018

Archived/FTE (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#21436 fteproxy does not work on Debian stretch / document fteproxy usage on Debian stretch Archived/FTE defect kpdyer new Feb 11, 2017
#12677 fteproxy server's response to malformed messages Archived/FTE enhancement kpdyer reopened Jul 22, 2014

Archived/Obfsproxy (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#7532 Count unique IPs in an anonymous way Archived/Obfsproxy Tor: 0.2.7 defect new Nov 20, 2012
#9902 need separate Obfsproxy Windows binary Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Oct 5, 2013
#10371 Obfsproxy memory leak Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Dec 12, 2013
#11050 pycrypto's AES implementation is not constant time Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Feb 24, 2014
#11093 obfsproxy should use C implementation of UniformDH Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Feb 28, 2014
#11134 obfsproxy's SOCKS server should send success response post handshake Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Mar 4, 2014
#11190 obfsproxy shebang should point to "python2", not "python" Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Mar 12, 2014
#11197 obfsproxy should provide congestion feedback Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Mar 13, 2014
#12836 scramblesuit: 'State' object has no attribute 'closingThreshold' Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Aug 10, 2014
#12879 Obfsproxy has incorrect Error type Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Aug 18, 2014
#20251 Mac Sierra Rend stream Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Sep 27, 2016
#6264 obfsproxy: Add support for dropping privileges and chrooting Archived/Obfsproxy enhancement new Jun 30, 2012
#11203 ScrambleSuit CSPRNG for Probability Distributions Archived/Obfsproxy enhancement new Mar 14, 2014
#10134 Create bananaphone transport for obfsproxy Archived/Obfsproxy task new Nov 11, 2013
#10782 Improve the spec of UniformDH Archived/Obfsproxy task new Jan 31, 2014
#11354 Make obfsproxy more fork-friendly Archived/Obfsproxy task new Mar 28, 2014
#11355 Provide obfsproxy nightlies in our debian repositories Archived/Obfsproxy task lunar accepted Mar 28, 2014
#13040 Get bananaphone merged in obfsproxy Archived/Obfsproxy task new Sep 2, 2014
#9825 -v returns 'unknown' for Obfsproxy.exe from '2.4.17-beta-2-pt3' Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Sep 25, 2013
#5130 Allow obfsproxy to daemonize Archived/Obfsproxy enhancement new Feb 14, 2012
#14211 --data-dir argument is not properly recognized. Archived/Obfsproxy defect new Jan 15, 2015

Archived/Tor Mail (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#25334 Missing SearchAPI.h on Windows builds of Thunderbird when cross-compiling on Linux Archived/Tor Mail defect new Feb 22, 2018
#16158 tor mail update Archived/Tor Mail defect sukhbir assigned May 22, 2015

Circumvention (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#31267 O1.1 - Add support in OONI Probe for testing circumvention tools. Circumvention defect new Jul 30, 2019
#31874 Automatically test the PTs of bridges Circumvention defect phw assigned Sep 26, 2019
#32781 Investigate alternative method to share bridges and Tor Browser bundles based on social network protocols Circumvention defect new Dec 17, 2019
#33088 Offer obfs4 docker image for additional architectures Circumvention enhancement new Jan 28, 2020
#29267 CI for pluggable transports Circumvention project new Feb 1, 2019
#30152 Monitor anti-censorship infrastructure Circumvention project new Apr 12, 2019
#30986 Understand the "long tail" of unclassifiable network traffic Circumvention project phw assigned Jun 25, 2019
#31265 Sponsor 30 master ticket Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31266 Objective 1: Support censorship circumvention through the improvement of network measurement methodologies aimed at detecting the blocking of circumvention tools. Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31270 O1.2 - Analyze collected censorship circumvention tool test results and integrate them into OONI Explorer and the OONI API. Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31271 O1.3 - Improve censorship circumvention tool methodology to include metrics that are also related to the performance of the tool. Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31272 O1.4 - Make OONI Probe’s reporting logic more resilient to censorship. Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31273 O1.5 - Develop OONI Probe orchestration logic that is specific to circumvention tool testing. Circumvention project new Jul 30, 2019
#31523 Recruit potential default bridges from set of long-running bridges Circumvention task new Aug 26, 2019
#31870 Do an informal usability study on the "get bridges" process Circumvention task new Sep 26, 2019
#31872 Write up process for distribution of private bridges Circumvention task needs_review Sep 26, 2019
#31877 Promote workshops on how to set up a bridge at relay operator meetups Circumvention task new Sep 27, 2019
#33047 How can we optimise the anti-censorship suite for mobile? Circumvention task new Jan 24, 2020
#29038 Security of host device and OS using Tor in Virtual Monitor Circumvention Tor: unspecified project new Jan 10, 2019
#32004 Protect Against Blocking and Spying in Iran Circumvention Tor: defect new Oct 8, 2019
#28172 Javascript "ON" warnings given on .onion sites!!! Circumvention Tor: defect new Oct 24, 2018
#22197 Audit all of our Go code that uses `crypto/aes`. Circumvention defect new May 8, 2017

Circumvention/BridgeDB (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#31873 Create new bridge distribution mechanisms Circumvention/BridgeDB project new Sep 26, 2019
#23251 Parsing a networkstatus-bridges with flags only causes BridgeDB to hang Circumvention/BridgeDB defect assigned Aug 15, 2017
#24607 CAPTCHAs on BridgeDB seem to be getting more difficult Circumvention/BridgeDB defect assigned Dec 12, 2017
#27984 bridgedb verifyHostname doesn't check subjectAltName extension Circumvention/BridgeDB defect assigned Oct 9, 2018
#29686 filenames conflict on case-insensitive filesystems Circumvention/BridgeDB defect sysrqb new Mar 7, 2019
#30317 Update howto on https://bridges.torproject.org/ to take mobile Tor Browser into account Circumvention/BridgeDB defect sysrqb new Apr 29, 2019
#30941 Need better instructions for requesting bridges via email Circumvention/BridgeDB defect sysrqb new Jun 21, 2019
#30946 Port BridgeDB to Python 3 Circumvention/BridgeDB defect assigned Jun 22, 2019
#31528 Get rid of BridgeDB's "chatspeak" Circumvention/BridgeDB defect new Aug 26, 2019
#32662 Rewrite BridgeDB with Django 3 and Python 3 Circumvention/BridgeDB defect new Dec 3, 2019
#23434 Review bridgeauth glue/admin scripts and make as much public as possible Circumvention/BridgeDB enhancement assigned Sep 8, 2017
#28391 Make BridgeDB website mirrorable Circumvention/BridgeDB enhancement assigned Nov 9, 2018
#29184 Avoid giving out bridges that suffer from #28912 Circumvention/BridgeDB enhancement sysrqb new Jan 27, 2019
#31422 Make BridgeDB report internal metrics Circumvention/BridgeDB enhancement new Aug 15, 2019
#32035 Only use translations that are >=80% complete Circumvention/BridgeDB enhancement new Oct 10, 2019
#23333 Leekspin bug hunting Circumvention/BridgeDB project new Aug 25, 2017
#25986 Add AMP cache fronting option to Moat Circumvention/BridgeDB project sysrqb new May 1, 2018
#31268 Objective O2: Ensure users in target countries have access to the best Tor bridge options for circumventing censorship. Circumvention/BridgeDB project new Jul 30, 2019
#31274 O2.1 - Create an evaluation framework and collect data to better monitor and evaluate current bridge selection and distribution processes. Circumvention/BridgeDB project new Jul 30, 2019
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