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Showing objects tagged with '034-roadmap-proposed'

  • #20212 enhancement: Tor can be forced to open too many circuits by embedding .onion resources (new)
  • #24661 defect: accept a reasonably live consensus for guard selection (closed: fixed)
  • #25528 defect: When ClientTransportPlugin is missing, tor connects directly to bridge ... (new)
  • #25685 defect: Tor relays publish a new descriptor but authorities drop it because ... (closed: implemented)
  • #25686 defect: Mystery bug causes relays to attempt many many descriptor publishes, ... (needs_information)
  • #25756 defect: EARLY_CONSENSUS_NOTICE_SKEW of 60 is too strict for some drifting ... (closed: fixed)
  • #25895 defect: Cross-compiling tor rust for Windows is broken (closed: fixed)
  • #25903 defect: Add OVERHEAD and DELIVERED fields to CIRC_BW events (closed: implemented)