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Showing objects tagged with '035-removed'

  • #2681 enhancement: brainstorm ways to let Tor clients use yesterday's consensus more safely (new)
  • #20742 enhancement: prop224: Implement stealth client authorization (assigned)
  • #24509 defect: circuit_can_use_tap() should only allow TAP for v2 onion services (new)
  • #25461 defect: main event-loop spins consuming 100% of a CPU core running ... (new)
  • #25550 project: improve continuous integration support (new)
  • #25783 defect: Circuit creation loop when primary guards are unreachable (new)
  • #26333 task: Write trac templates for bug reports / other tickets, and link them ... (new)
  • #26334 task: Investigate how much our CI performance would improve (if at all) with ... (new)
  • #27842 defect: Consider end-to-end introduction ACKs (new)