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Showing objects tagged with '042-must'

  • #29880 defect: Write a script to update practracker on multiple branches (closed: wontfix)
  • #31091 defect: Bug stracktrace when pluggable transport cannot bind to port (new)
  • #31107 defect: channel: channel_tls_handle_cell() CELL_VERSIONS code reached (new)
  • #31408 defect: torrc : ClientOnionAuthDir after include directives breaks client to ... (new)
  • #31461 defect: Fix some typos in the 0.4.1 ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog (closed: fixed)
  • #31483 defect: token_bucket_ctr_adjust() does not convert rate to step (assigned)
  • #31545 enhancement: CID 1452819: nul-terminated string handling, possibly spurious (closed: implemented)
  • #31673 defect: Deprecated use of <sys/sysctl.h> (merge_ready)
  • #31696 defect: Assertion failure in map-anon.c:218 (merge_ready)