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Showing objects tagged with 'AffectsTails'

  • #3777 defect: Should not generate mixed-content warnings if rewriting all http to https (accepted)
  • #9675 defect: Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other bad problems (assigned)
  • #9693 defect: There should be a way to prevent HTTPS Everywhere to connect to ... (new)
  • #10353 defect: Cookie Protection dialog is empty in FF24 (new)
  • #17407 defect: about:tor is broken in unsupported locales in the multi-lingual Tor Browser (new)
  • #21892 defect: ControlSockets are not created if tor starts with DisableNetwork set (new)
  • #22304 enhancement: Support generating HS private key / onion address without publishing (new)
  • #23016 defect: "Print to File" does not create the expected file in non-English locales (closed: fixed)
  • #23970 defect: Printing to a file is broken with Linux content sandboxing enabled (closed: fixed)
  • #24243 defect: Tor Browser only render HTML for local pages via file://, no images/CSS (new)
  • #25440 defect: Broken openat syscall in Sandbox mode (needs_information)
  • #25531 defect: Add locks in archive.tpo rsync scripts (closed: fixed)