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Showing objects tagged with 'Browser'

  • #27269 defect: noscript not working in Tor Browser 8.0a10r (closed: duplicate)
  • #27322 defect: Tor Browser Developer's key expired , key ID 0x4E2C6E8793298290 (closed: worksforme)
  • #27824 defect: TorBrowser or NoScript 10 prevents cookies even if cookie exceptions ... (new)
  • #28937 defect: Tor Browser 8.0.4 only warns the user if it's MAXIMIZED, WHILE it's ... (closed: duplicate)
  • #29456 defect: Tor Browser Compleat fail, Zero Logs "lock out" (closed: not a bug)
  • #31211 defect: Inaccurate and confusing Support doc can mislead macOS users into ... (closed: duplicate)
  • #31896 defect: Bad instructions in Support Portal, "How can I verify Tor Browser's ... (assigned)
  • #32483 defect: Pref "full-screen-api.enabled" should probably be disabled in Tor Browser (closed: not a bug)
  • #32923 enhancement: Detached Tor Browser Firedox APK - Option to Customize Configuration - ... (reopened)
  • #33154 enhancement: Edit incorrect Support documentation that incorrectly states there is ... (new)