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Showing objects tagged with 'CAPTCHAMonitor'

  • #34287 task: Make the dataset accessible and downloadable (new)
  • #34288 task: Integrate more web browsers/fetchers and their older versions (new)
  • #34289 task: Integrate Cloudflare API not to change Cloudflare settings manually (new)
  • #34290 task: Enhance the available visualizations on the dashboard (new)
  • #34291 task: Create an API for enabling 3rd party interactions with the system (new)
  • #34292 task: Create an API for people to fetch data easily (new)
  • #34293 task: Create an API for running the system on the user-provided websites (new)
  • #34294 task: Integrate ​Tor Stem (new)
  • #34295 task: Develop a module for parsing and modifying the HTTP headers (new)
  • #34296 task: Develop a mechanism for disabling/enabling cookie, JavaScript, etc. ... (new)
  • #34297 task: Explore different options other than crontab to have a flexible ... (new)