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Showing objects tagged with 'GeorgKoppen201805'

  • #9711 task: Build our own cctools for macOS cross-compilation (closed: fixed)
  • #18287 enhancement: Use SHA-2 signature for Tor Browser setup executables (closed: fixed)
  • #22451 defect: about:cache is not useful anymore in ESR52-based Tor Browser (only ... (assigned)
  • #24197 task: Building Windows 64 firefox with the sandbox enabled fails (closed: fixed)
  • #24632 defect: Update macOS toolchain for ESR 60 (closed: fixed)
  • #25548 defect: Update macOS SDK for Tor Browser builds to 10.11 (closed: fixed)
  • #26003 defect: Clean up our mozconfig-osx-x86_64 file (closed: fixed)
  • #26044 defect: Create a new Tor Browser signing subkey (closed: fixed)
  • #26195 defect: Use new cctools in our macosx-toolchain project (closed: fixed)
  • #26249 defect: Update libevent to prevent broken compilation when targetting macOS 10.7 (closed: fixed)