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Showing objects tagged with 'GeorgKoppen201903'

  • #24622 defect: Torcrazybutton can't decipher website s3.amazonaws.com (closed: fixed)
  • #27503 defect: Disabling accessibility on Windows breaks screen readers (closed: fixed)
  • #28802 defect: Integrate PTs and bridge support into Tor Browser for Android (closed: fixed)
  • #29049 enhancement: Backport JS Poison Patch (closed: fixed)
  • #29185 defect: 8.5a7-build3 Windows .exe files are not reproducibly built (new)
  • #29246 defect: WebGL is sometimes blocked outright instead of put behind a ... (new)
  • #29632 defect: Fretch Gradle over HTTPS when prepaing android toolchain build (closed: fixed)
  • #29633 defect: Don't bundle pdnsd in Tor Browser for Android (closed: fixed)