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Showing objects tagged with 'GeorgKoppen201910'

  • #27268 defect: preferences cleanup (needs_review)
  • #27604 defect: Relocating the Tor Browser directory is broken with Tor Browser 8 (new)
  • #29013 enhancement: Provide stack smashing protection for mingw-clang builds (closed: fixed)
  • #31161 task: Document usage and setup of Android signing token (new)
  • #31591 defect: Feature review for ESR68 (new)
  • #31597 defect: Go over all closed bugs/bugs where patches landed between Firefox 61 ... (new)
  • #31942 enhancement: Re-enable language pack signature checks for Linux and Windows and ... (closed: fixed)
  • #31989 enhancement: Backport backout of old mingw-gcc patch for 9.5a1 (new)
  • #32013 task: Verify that new WebGL extensions in Firefox 68 ESR are disabled (closed: fixed)
  • #32019 defect: TB9: Address bar and hotkey broken (new)
  • #32057 task: Verify that EXT_float_blend WebGL extension is disabled (closed: fixed)