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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201708R'

  • #20375 enhancement: warn users when entering fullscreen (closed: fixed)
  • #21830 defect: Copying large text from web console leaks to /tmp (closed: fixed)
  • #22618 defect: Downloading pdf file via file:/// is stalling if the external helper ... (closed: fixed)
  • #22989 defect: TBB Size 1000x610 Mac (closed: fixed)
  • #23166 enhancement: Add Felix's obfs4 bridges to Tor Browser's defaults (closed: fixed)
  • #23230 task: Error building firefox for Windows 64 in ... (closed: fixed)
  • #23240 defect: do not show progress bar at zero when bootstrap progress is greater ... (closed: fixed)
  • #23258 defect: HTTPS Everywhere is not working when noscript is enabled globally (closed: fixed)