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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201711'

  • #12418 defect: TBBs with UBSan create lots of errors when running (assigned)
  • #12420 task: Investigate deploying STACK to check for optimization-unstable code (new)
  • #16352 task: Play with Intel's MPX for hardened Tor Browser builds (closed: wontfix)
  • #16678 enhancement: Enhance KeyboardEvent fingerprinting protection for unusual characters (needs_revision)
  • #18599 task: Make sure OffScreenCanvas API does not render moot our canvas ... (new)
  • #20322 defect: SafeSEH support for mingw-w64 for Tor Browser on Windows (new)
  • #21484 defect: Remove or hide "What's New" link from About dialog (new)
  • #23024 defect: Flags to increase hardening on Windows (needs_revision)
  • #24154 task: Look into fuzzing our tor-browser patches (new)