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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201711R'

  • #10026 enhancement: progress on Win64 Tor (closed: fixed)
  • #20636 defect: Create 64bit Tor Browser for Windows (closed: fixed)
  • #23228 task: Build a Windows 64 toolchain based on mingw-w64 (closed: fixed)
  • #23261 defect: implement configuration portion of new Tor Launcher UI (closed: fixed)
  • #23262 defect: implement integrated progress bar for new Tor Launcher UI (closed: fixed)
  • #23456 task: Build go and go pluggable transports for Windows 64 (closed: fixed)
  • #24060 task: Add x86_64 version of msvcr100.dll (closed: fixed)
  • #24156 task: Remove trailing dash in logs/debootstrap-image-.log filename (closed: fixed)
  • #24179 defect: Tor Browser nightly builds include an old https-everywhere version (closed: fixed)
  • #24180 task: "rbm fetch" should accept options to select target (closed: fixed)
  • #24361 defect: rbm gives an error if a build script contains a wide character (closed: fixed)