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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201801'

  • #6119 project: Create our own instance of Panopticlick (closed: fixed)
  • #21256 defect: Update tor browser spec for Tor Browser 7.0 (closed: fixed)
  • #22586 task: In FPCentral, display if a fingerprint is "acceptable" (closed: fixed)
  • #22587 task: Add an FPCentral test to our test suite (closed: fixed)
  • #24027 defect: https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en still says that ... (closed: fixed)
  • #24421 defect: "Temporarily allow all this page" get inherited when New Identity is ... (closed: fixed)
  • #24585 task: Add fpcentral apache configuration on forrestii (closed: fixed)
  • #25059 defect: When running in apache+mod_wsgi, fpcentral fails to find its ... (closed: fixed)
  • #25060 task: fpcentral: set "Accept-Encoding" header expected value assuming we are ... (closed: fixed)