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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201801R'

  • #18022 defect: start-tor-browser.desktop parameter passing broken on spaces (needs_review)
  • #18691 enhancement: Switch rbm VMs for Windows to those used for our macOS cross-builds (closed: fixed)
  • #21704 enhancement: Warn users when installing Tor Browser based on ESR 52 on not SSE2 ... (needs_review)
  • #21850 defect: Update #16940 patch for e10s (about:tbupdate) (needs_review)
  • #22548 defect: Firefox downgrades VP9 videos to VP8 when measured performance is not ... (closed: fixed)
  • #23745 defect: Tab crashes when using Tor Browser to access Google Drive (needs_review)
  • #23766 task: Document build error when resolv.conf contains in ... (needs_review)
  • #23916 defect: Create a new MAR signing key for Tor Browser (needs_review)
  • #24756 enhancement: New default bridge: bridge-01.noisetor.net (closed: fixed)
  • #24842 defect: debug builds are missing libasan.so.2 and libubsan.so.0 (closed: fixed)
  • #24912 defect: Prepare tor-browser-build for building stable releases (closed: fixed)
  • #24924 defect: Update the ubuntu images we use in tor-browser-build (needs_review)