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Showing objects tagged with 'TorBrowserTeam201905'

  • #29185 defect: 8.5a7-build3 Windows .exe files are not reproducibly built (new)
  • #29641 defect: Tor Browser fails to bootstrap on IPv6-only access networks (reopened)
  • #30162 defect: Tor Browser bootstrap process got stuck after interrupting it (new)
  • #30168 defect: Clean up e.g. tor-browser-build after shipping TOPL (new)
  • #30169 task: Create repos on our infrastructure for TOPL related code (new)
  • #30215 defect: TBA - NPE in NativePanZoomController.onMotionEvent (new)
  • #30283 defect: Build nightlies over the weekend from scratch (new)
  • #30413 enhancement: Notification Bar to warn about xpinstall.signatures.required set to false (new)
  • #30426 defect: Include compile instructions in our tor-android-service repo (new)
  • #30431 defect: tbb-testsuite: Fix the https-everywhere test (assigned)
  • #30432 defect: tbb-testsuite: fix the fpcentral test (assigned)