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Showing objects tagged with 'address-detection'

  • #8214 enhancement: "getinfo address" should work more consistently soon after startup (new)
  • #12377 defect: Prefer default route when checking local interface addresses (needs_revision)
  • #17765 defect: If tor gets different addresses via different methods, it flips ... (new)
  • #17782 defect: Relays may publish descriptors with incorrect IP address (needs_revision)
  • #17787 defect: Improve address detection on multihomed relays (new)
  • #17952 enhancement: Make address family search via ioctl more accurate on obscure platforms (new)
  • #17953 defect: Fallback to resolving localhost when interface searches fail (new)
  • #24611 enhancement: Add a chutney network that does reachability tests (new)