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Showing objects tagged with 'bandwidth'

  • #1889 defect: Contradictory bandwidth reports in overlapping extra-info descriptors (new)
  • #1926 defect: Extra-info descriptors have corrupt {write,read}-history lines (new)
  • #2003 enhancement: Hibernation Soft and Hard Limits Reached Simultaneously (assigned)
  • #7707 defect: Impose a minimum write size for TLS writes (needs_information)
  • #7747 defect: SENDME doesn't need to trigger packaging so aggressively (new)
  • #8190 enhancement: Relays should publish number of refill intervals where the token ... (new)
  • #9290 defect: Use something other than "known relay" to decide on rate in ... (new)
  • #10307 enhancement: Allow Tor relays to configure bandwidth limits around peak usage (new)
  • #13258 enhancement: Keep stats on effectiveness of consensus diffs (new)
  • #14267 defect: We should be smarter about fetching all missing votes (new)
  • #18647 enhancement: When low on BW, limit the total fraction used to answer directory requests (new)
  • #18852 defect: Directory mirrors should check accounting usage more frequently (new)