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Showing objects tagged with 'boklm201803'

  • #20301 defect: Bumping the compiler version to 6.2.0 breaks 64bit Tor Browser builds (closed: duplicate)
  • #23640 task: Send a patch to add rbm to the reproducible-builds.org documentation (closed: fixed)
  • #25394 task: Clean up projects/debootstrap-image/config (closed: fixed)
  • #25422 task: Give more details in "Cannot checkout" errors (closed: fixed)
  • #25435 defect: keyring/binutils.gpg modified by make alpha (closed: fixed)
  • #25531 defect: Add locks in archive.tpo rsync scripts (closed: fixed)
  • #25585 task: Use https instead of http to fetch dependencies when possible (closed: fixed)