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Showing objects tagged with 'boklm201811'

  • #12968 enhancement: Specify HEASLR (High Entropy Address Space Layout Randomization) in ... (needs_revision)
  • #21404 task: Run the Tor Browser testsuite on rbm based nightly builds (assigned)
  • #23386 task: Run Tor Browser testsuite on our Windows QA machine (assigned)
  • #23657 task: Decide directories used for signed/unsigned builds in tor-browser-builds (new)
  • #24332 task: Add a script to convert code signed OSX bundles from tar to dmg (new)
  • #25421 task: Add an option to clean repository if checkout fails (assigned)
  • #25835 task: Move build dependencies from people.tpo (new)
  • #26149 task: Add some ansible roles for tor browser testsuite setup (assigned)
  • #26917 defect: Update QA and Testing content on our HACKING document (new)
  • #27120 defect: tbb-testsuite: marionette tests are failing when using strace (assigned)
  • #27408 task: Make it possible to find which tor-browser-build.git commit was used ... (new)
  • #28665 defect: tbb-testsuite: fix the fp_navigator test (assigned)