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Showing objects tagged with 'bridgedb-email'

  • #9332 task: Implement whitelisting of (email_address, gpg_key_id) pairs for ... (assigned)
  • #10890 task: Redirect “get bridges” messages automatically (closed: fixed)
  • #11330 enhancement: Create a Hash Ring For Each Allowed Domain in the Email Distributor (assigned)
  • #12089 defect: BridgedDB can be forced to email arbitrary email addresses (assigned)
  • #12537 enhancement: Perhaps BridgeDB should supply decoys (assigned)
  • #12627 defect: canonicalFromSMTP is not what we think it should be (assigned)
  • #12802 enhancement: BridgeDB needs Nagios checks for the Email Distributor (assigned)
  • #17626 defect: BridgeDB's email distributor doesn't work if the "get help" text is quoted (needs_review)
  • #18076 defect: Bridges email inconsistent + not receiving emails (closed: not a bug)