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Showing objects tagged with 'chutney-ci'

  • #30048 enhancement: Write a bwfile creation and validation test for chutney (new)
  • #30071 defect: test-network.sh --data fails on python 3 (new)
  • #30154 enhancement: Use the built-in unittest module for chutney's unit tests (new)
  • #30155 defect: If we are still using the shell to launch tests, have a separate ... (new)
  • #30182 defect: IPv6 Exits succeed on Travis Linux, but Travis Linux doesn't support IPv6 (assigned)
  • #30183 enhancement: Consider using --offline by default, to improve stability (new)
  • #30208 defect: Add missing features to Chutney's CI and test script (new)
  • #30210 defect: Add a sleep after failure in test-network --forgiving (new)
  • #30211 defect: Work out why bridges+hs-v2 is unstable in CI (new)
  • #30884 enhancement: Test pluggable transports in chutney's CI (new)
  • #30886 enhancement: Add pluggable transport support to chutney's tools/test-network.sh (new)
  • #31639 task: When Travis updates the homebrew cache in their images, stop updating ... (needs_information)