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Showing objects tagged with 'chutney'

  • #13929 defect: Increase Authority reachability testing rate with low ... (new)
  • #13976 defect: Simplify adjustment of consensus speed in testing tor networks (new)
  • #14034 defect: Make TestingDirAuthVoteGuard/Exit/HSDir and AssumeReachable less ... (new)
  • #20046 defect: Test hidden services with different consensuses (new)
  • #20071 defect: Tor clients need 4 routers when connecting via IPv6, but only 3 using IPv4 (new)
  • #20647 enhancement: Tor and Chutney CI improvements (new)
  • #20655 enhancement: Run the chutney "mixed" network tests in multiple ways (new)
  • #26164 enhancement: Create HS network in chutney with client-auth enabled (new)
  • #28204 defect: Make chutney log the verify progress for each circuit (new)
  • #28220 enhancement: Create a chutney network with a single authority, and make sure it ... (new)