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Showing objects tagged with 'circpad-researchers-maybe-want'

  • #29083 defect: WTF-PAD: Specify exit policy for machine conditions (new)
  • #30092 enhancement: Add a probability-to-apply field for circuitpadidng machines (needs_revision)
  • #30172 enhancement: Always send PADDING_NEGOTIATE if middle supports it (new)
  • #30992 defect: circpadding machines have shutdown sync issues (with intro circ NACKs ... (assigned)
  • #31636 enhancement: Circuit padding: Add meta probability distribution type (new)
  • #31782 enhancement: Circuit padding is not subject to flow control (new)
  • #31783 enhancement: Circuit padding support for multi-circuit behavior (new)
  • #31787 enhancement: Full HMM support for circuit padding state transition (new)
  • #31789 enhancement: Make networking usage in circuit padding more abstract (new)
  • #31790 enhancement: Add easy-to-parse event and packet tracing logs to circuit padding (new)
  • #32680 enhancement: Circpad: More/better pattern recognition events (new)