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Showing objects tagged with 'controller'

  • #1802 defect: ControlPort GETCONF does not recognize command aliases (new)
  • #8248 enhancement: Incremental descriptor queries (new)
  • #16348 defect: Suppress exception chaining when PEP 3134 is merged (accepted)
  • #22627 enhancement: asyncio controller (new)
  • #25511 enhancement: Expose TZ info on control port for better debugging of time errors (closed: implemented)
  • #25821 defect: Stem getconf cache doesn't clear for CONF_CHANGED events; probably ... (closed: fixed)
  • #25853 defect: Behavior for Controller.get_exit_policy() for tor client (new)
  • #26053 project: controller.signal(stem.Signal.NEWNYM) gives error (needs_information)
  • #26056 enhancement: Stem should optionally timeout when building circuits (closed: implemented)
  • #26112 defect: Stem should not use human-readable message of GETCONF 552 response (new)
  • #26129 defect: Stem should invalidate exit_policy cache for DNS_USELESS event (new)