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Showing objects tagged with 'crash'

  • #11743 defect: nodelist_add_microdesc: assign md to all appropriate nodes properly (new)
  • #20007 defect: Sandbox causing crash when setting HidServAuth when there is a hidden ... (needs_information)
  • #24454 defect: sandbox failure on arm64 (needs_information)
  • #25957 defect: Tor died: Caught signal 11 (needs_information)
  • #26469 defect: tor on SunOS: [err] Error from libevent: evport.c:425: Assertion ... (needs_information)
  • #31036 defect: Logfile grow upto 2GB tor fails and refuse to start (assigned)
  • #32564 defect: Assertion pol->magic failed (needs_information)
  • #32718 defect: Crash: Consensus diff src/lib/memarea/memarea.c:147: ... (needs_information)
  • #32868 defect: crash: Assertion node->rs->is_possible_guard failed in ... (needs_information)
  • #32961 task: Backport the diagnostic logs for is_possible_guard crash (merge_ready)
  • #33186 defect: Tab crashes with an error " Gah. Your tab just crashed." (new)
  • #33469 defect: INTERNAL ERROR: Raw assertion failed at src/lib/malloc/map_anon.c:239: ... (new)