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Showing objects tagged with 'crypto'

  • #8897 enhancement: Faster curve25519 implementation for ntor (needs_revision)
  • #16670 enhancement: BridgeDB should be capable of verifying Ed25519 signatures (new)
  • #17272 task: Finalize a proposal for postquantum circuit-extension (assigned)
  • #17278 defect: Fix malleable relay crypto (new)
  • #18896 enhancement: Test supposedly constant-time crypto primitives to verify that they ... (new)
  • #19980 enhancement: Use OpenSSL 1.1.0 X5519 in Tor when available (if it's good) (new)
  • #20827 enhancement: Record guards' ed25519 identities (new)
  • #23886 enhancement: Write FFI bindings and function pointers for ed25519-dalek (new)
  • #25576 defect: Fix non-standard use of keccak in v3 hidden service code (new)
  • #26291 project: find all instances of SHA-1 in our design and implementation and kill ... (new)
  • #27971 defect: Still supports 1024 bit keys (needs_revision)