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Showing objects tagged with 'debian'

  • #10817 task: Write instructions for using valgrind with the debian tor (new)
  • #13147 defect: Curious debian hurd unit test failure (new)
  • #13350 task: Provide ooni-backend packages for Debian (closed: duplicate)
  • #16782 defect: systemd unit file is not compatible with the AppArmorProfile= directive (new)
  • #18294 defect: systemd AppArmorProfile= directive unavailable leads to not loading ... (new)
  • #19496 task: Provide backports for obfs4proxy Debian packages (new)
  • #22094 defect: Creating private_key/hostname fails with "RO filesystem" message but ... (needs_information)
  • #23612 defect: Outdated (dead) repository links in 'Installing Tor on Debian/Ubuntu' ... (closed: wontfix)
  • #25612 defect: Segfault when starting Tor Raspian Stretch Light 2018-03-13 Kernel 4.9 (closed: invalid)
  • #25689 task: Provide a backport to stretch for checkstyle in Debian (assigned)
  • #26297 defect: get 0.3.4.x into Debian sid (new)
  • #26984 defect: Tests should not fail due to a missing .gitignore (closed: fixed)