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Showing objects tagged with 'diagnostics'

  • #31571 defect: Add the tor version and a newline to raw_assert() (merge_ready)
  • #31594 defect: Close all the log fds before aborting (merge_ready)
  • #31613 defect: Avoid a race condition where log and err both try to close the sigsafe fds (closed: fixed)
  • #31614 defect: Implement clean_up_backtrace_handler() (needs_revision)
  • #31615 defect: Reorder the early subsystems based on their dependencies (merge_ready)
  • #31634 enhancement: Check .may_include order and tor subsystem init order are compatible (new)
  • #31635 enhancement: Initialise and reset the sigsafe error fds to -1 (new)
  • #31642 enhancement: Should trunnel_abort() be tor_abort_() or tor_raw_abort_() ? (closed: fixed)
  • #31734 defect: Add accessor functions for cb_buf, which enforce locking and unlocking (new)
  • #31735 defect: Exit and join all threads, before destroying any mutexes in the main thread (new)
  • #31736 defect: Stop using mutex_destroy(), when multiple threads can still access the ... (new)