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Showing objects tagged with 'dirauth'

  • #18165 enhancement: Scripts to determine vote divergence (new)
  • #18346 enhancement: Separate the various roles that directory authorities play, from a ... (assigned)
  • #18636 project: Write sub-proposals for each part of prop257: Refactoring authorities. ... (assigned)
  • #19305 task: Write a proposal for separating "upload descriptors here" from the ... (new)
  • #19306 task: Write a proposal for removing liveness-testing from dirauths. (new)
  • #19565 enhancement: SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction (new)
  • #19566 enhancement: SR: Use BUG() instead of tor_assert() when we can (closed: fixed)
  • #19785 defect: Agree and Prepare Formal Procedure to Add/Remove DirAuths (new)
  • #21133 enhancement: Add stem support to expose ed25519 relay key expire date (new)
  • #21534 defect: "Client asked me to extend back to the previous hop" in small networks (closed: fixed)
  • #23901 task: Add Stefani Banerian (bastet) to the dirauth-conf git repository (closed: fixed)
  • #24264 task: Enable IPv6 reachability testing for the Bridge Authority (assigned)