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Showing objects tagged with 'docs'

  • #9655 enhancement: Tor manual's config default options could be clearer (new)
  • #13703 enhancement: Adding doc/HARDENING (accepted)
  • #17971 defect: Unrecognized relay in exit address '[scrubbed].exit'. Refusing. (new)
  • #22745 task: Establish policy for writing regression tests (new)
  • #22962 task: Clarify the security severity of issues that make denial of service easier (new)
  • #28582 task: Document the load-balancing goal for sbws (needs_information)
  • #29718 defect: Include a refactor plan (new)
  • #29952 defect: Document that there is now stable branch (new)
  • #31812 defect: http URL's in docs/comments should be https (needs_revision)