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Showing objects tagged with 'docshackathon'

  • #27354 enhancement: Support: Add instruction to change the config (closed: duplicate)
  • #27514 task: Add instructions how to verify signatures on Android (closed: duplicate)
  • #27986 enhancement: add onion.torproject.org to the onion services section (closed: duplicate)
  • #28154 enhancement: What do the different onions mean on the address bar? (closed: duplicate)
  • #28474 enhancement: add tor + msg apps entry to the support portal (closed: duplicate)
  • #28475 task: Update support portal on Tor Browser for Android (closed: duplicate)
  • #28776 defect: support: explain *why* it is not good to install new add-ons at ... (closed: duplicate)
  • #29918 defect: add Trademark FAQ to the support portal (closed: duplicate)
  • #29964 task: Cannot install Tor on USB on macOS (closed: duplicate)
  • #30083 defect: support portal: replace duplicated support questions for symlinks (closed: duplicate)
  • #30690 enhancement: Please include licensing information in outreach materials (closed: duplicate)
  • #30923 defect: Create irc help entry in support.torproject.org (closed: duplicate)